Antisect – Live In The Darkness LP

Artist: Antisect
Title: Live In The Darkness
Source: Vinyl 12″ LP
Format: FLAC
Running time (h:m:s): 00:33:23
Size (mb): 68.7
Label: Clown Discs (defunct)
Year: 1991

01. Intro (War)
02. They (The Eternal Myth And Paradox)
03. Tortured And Abused
04. Yet They Still Ignore
05. Education Or Indoctrination
06. The World’s Biggest Runt
07. In Darkness
08. Heresy
09. The Buck Stops Here

I could’ve written a blinding piece about this record, but someone far more intimate with it than me has already done it:

The only release on the Clown Disc label run by Pete Alberto, who was originally from Ipswich, but at this point in time was living in a house in Wood Green, London, N22 with Penguin and others. Pete did the running around, Lippy from Antisect listened to, and chose his favorite tape (Brighton Richmond 02/02/84). Bully from Bristol (one time member of the H.H.C. [Hackney Hell Crew – ed.]) supplied a rather nice picture of an English football hooligan as the opposing centre label to the ‘Celtic Skull’ design on the other side of the record. Penguin stumped up the cash (or most of it!) for the pressing up and printing costs. This was a very pretty release. The grey Celtic cover in reverse board, the record’s a nice grey marble vinyl and all limited to 900 copies [although mine’s numbered 0285/1000 – ed.]. This release took about a week to sell out and is so rare it is not listed on any Antisect discographies! The LP came out some time before the live release on Vinyl Japan, which by comparison is not as good as this lovely item. I may well be biased though!

Biased my arse! I was there, it was fucking awesome! For a recording from 1984, this release does an amazing job of capturing some of that power. Play it loud, and you’ll feel exactly what I mean.

OP’s opinion: Four

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Footnote: this album was also released in the US sometime afterwards under the title ‘Hallo There…How’s Life?’, by Al Long (Nausea / Misery) on his Graven Image label, after he got chatting to Antisect’s Pete Lyons at a Kulturo gig in London and was given the OK to do it.