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Collectivise The Interwebs!

OPND is recruiting now!

I could do with more old punks (or even some younger ones with a bit of suss) joining up with the OPND Soviet - it seems a shame that my postings here are so intermittent when there's all this space available.

You don't have to rip anything (although I'm certainly not going to object, as long as you follow my own guidelines) - reviews, articles, opinion pieces, recipes, artwork etc. that fit in with the general ethos of OPND are very welcome indeed. How often you feel like contributing is entirely up to you, and you're free to leave / take a break at any time if other priorities come up.

You don't even need to worry about being tech savvy - if you can use email, that's all the know-how you need (although I can guide you through using WordPress, the software I use to run the site, if that's preferable).

Get in touch if you fancy giving it a go.

UPDATE: Ernest Embryo and Alex Distroy have now signed up, but there's still room for plenty more!

5 comments on Collectivise The Interwebs!

  • dawn

    Hello, just wanted to say hello, just found your site, it is way cool. I am 40.

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  • Neil Veganhead

    Nice one. This morning I thought I'd rip my Bender CDs to my MP3 player and was searching for the release date of "Lost City Of Dalston" (not easy to find on the CD cover which is just a scaled down version of the LP artwork but easier to 'rip' than the vinyl) when I found your site. Ahh the joys of the interwebz, you find gems amongst the dross. All the best with the site.

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  • Cheers Neil. Gotta agree about that interwebs thing too.

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  • elshano

    Just a greeting - hopefully not a repeat. I'm trying to increase the energy going into this and other punk sites - excluding the most blatant poseurs and the like - for the means of communicating to a dying species that "it ain't necessarily so", as well as sharing an interest in forming, yet another, band (very long story ...). As well, I may be able to offer a few audio files and what not, or at least share links that may not be on hand here.
    Keep up!

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  • bocaburger

    after listening to Lords of the new church 'open your eyes' i am attempting to do so and now i'm here :),
    so Hi!

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