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Pro Patria Mori - Where Shadows Lie Demo Tape & Lament Of The Damned

Source: Tape
Format: FLAC
Running time (h:m:s): 00:16:58 (Where Shadows Lie) / 00:04:55 (Lament...)
Size (mb): 128
Label: -
Cat. No: BRITPLOD2 (Where Shadows Lie) / none (Lament...)
Year: 1986 (Where Shadows Lie) / 1987 (Lament...)

Where Shadows Lie Side 1:
1. Where Shadows Lie
2. But A Child
3. Far Too Long
4. The Question (Chains Of Guilt)

Where Shadows Lie Side 2:
1. Intro
2. Clockwork Mind
3. Standing In The Hall Of Vanity
4. Lost In The Voices

Where Shadows Lie tape cover

If the internets died tomorrow I wouldn't weep too many tears, for I have finally obtained my punk rock Holy Grail thanks to its myriad tentacles. The cousin of the bass player for Pro Patria Mori, the most criminally almost unheard of band in all of @-punkdom, somehow saw a post where I'd mentioned them and passed on the info to his relative. Said cousin, Paul, got in touch, we had a quick e-chat and next thing you know I've got my mitts on the cleanest ever rips of most of their recorded legacy (the first demo is still MIA).

The tracks on 'Where Shadows Lie' are nothing short of perfectly controlled fury. At a time when the metal edge was being taken on board by the @-punk crowd, PPM set a standard for others to aim for. Personally speaking, I don't think anyone else did it quite as well. Even Antisect, for all the power hinted at in their later stuff, couldn't quite hit the spot as sweetly or as competently as PPM did.

The 'Lament' track wasn't brilliant to begin with, audio-wise - I remember Pete (guitar) having a good moan about the quality due to poor studio work. Nevertheless, once your ears adjust to it, the technical skill and lyrical strength on this track (originally intended for a comp that never happened if memory serves me right) showed a promising progression in their sound that sadly remained unfulfilled.

Paul has kindly given me permission to share these almost-unknown classics with you, and I would urge anyone passing through to grab them. Even if you're one of the few who has/had the tapes, you'll never have heard the tracks sounding this fucking awesome.

OP's opinion: Five

Click here to request the link.

Finally, here's a picture of the band playing live with a very young Old Punk (more hair, less fat) dancing around in the crowd:

PPM live with a young Old Punk

© Russ Snell

I'm the one on the far left. Some things never change.

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