Bender – Jehovas Allstars CD

Artist: Bender
Title: Jehovas Allstars
Source: CD
Bitrate: FLAC
Running time (h:m:s): 00:42:30
Label: Words Of Warning (defunct)
Cat. No: WOWCD48
Year: 1996

1. Jackie
2. Over Emotional
3. Going Against The Grain
4. It’s Personal
5. Fool’s Paradise
6. Breaking the Law
7. Rapturous
8. We Rule
9. Freedom Day
10. A Misunderstanding
11. Pipsqueak
12. 154

Thanks to their lovely ex-manager Del and vocalist Alex, I’ve now got my hands on Bender’s final album and permission to share it with you all. You lucky, lucky people.

Picking up where ‘Lost City Of Dalston’ finished, Jehovas Allstars is a natural progression from its predecessor. The music and words have even more punch and depth and carry a real sense of life within them. Imagine the bastard offspring of The Ex and The Astronauts raised on a diet of hiphop, English Romanticism and steroids and you’ll probably be none the wiser. Like the best ‘punk’, it’s uncategorisable.

This is another criminally unknown recording, so take full advantage of what’s on offer. Your head and feet will thank you.

OP’s opinion: Five

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