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Iron Column Records - our sister distro / label, 100% non-profit, raising cash for antifa in need.

You'll find a (currently far from complete) list of my music collection on my Discogs page.

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We're a collective. Although we often have shared values and similar tastes, we're also individuals with our own unique take on the things we think, listen to and write about. And we're always open to more people becoming involved. So if you want to try and gatecrash, have a go. We'll consider anything that's well-written and intelligent, whether it's serious, humourous, weird or a subtle blend of all three.

And, unless you tell us otherwise, anything you send will be considered for posting on the front page. This doesn't apply to anything sent by fascists and other idiots - you're fair game for ridicule and insult and will be given maximum exposure regardless.

If we decide to edit anything, it'll generally only be for spelling, punctuation or grammar (The Old Punk can be a bit anal pedantic about that sort of thing).

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