Squat The Lot!

I’ve been using whatever remnants of knowledge and wisdom I have in my head to help a young punk put this benefit compilation together. And I’m very excited by how it’s turning out.

There are some great acts involved, covering the whole gamut of punk, ska, folk and other related noise, and they’ve all […]

Opposition Rising – Aftermathematics LP

This is the first vinyl release from the rapidly-expanding Riot Ska Records collective (among others), and it’s a great start for them.

Opposition Rising hail from Boston and band members have been heavily involved with the scene for many years. Their diverse tastes are reflected in the sound they’ve produced here, a pleasant cocktail of […]

A Year In My Ears 2011

Although I don’t think I’ve spent so much on new music this year when compared to last, what I have bought has been immensely satisfying. These ten releases have ended up doing multiple revolutions on various stereophonic devices around my house, and have definitely earned their keep.

Amebix – Sonic Mass LP (Easy Action Records). […]

Mixing It Up For The Indonesian Punks!

As mentioned a couple of days ago, I’ve put together a mix for my punk friends in Indonesia. It’s not much, but I hope that someone who’s had a bit of a shit time at the rough end of this theocratic fascism ends up with a smile on their face after listening to it. Same […]

Smog UK – Misfit Songs 7″ EP

Artist: Smog UK Title: Misfit Songs Source: Vinyl 7″ EP Bitrate: FLAC Running time (h:m:s): 00:09:52 Size (mb): 70.1 Label: Smog Records Cat. No: SUK 002 Year: 1995

Smog UK live at The Joiners many, many years ago

For a while, it seemed like you couldn’t avoid seeing Smog play if you were at […]

Spanner In The Manor

This is a quick heads-up to let you know that my good friends Spanner are on the verge of releasing ‘Crisis’, their first full-length album, in April. It’ll be available on both CD and 12 inches of shiny vinyl and is a collaborative effort between some of my favourite DIY labels – Active Distribution, Pumpkin […]

Jakal For Jack All

While you may not yet heard of ’em, Jakal have been knocking out bouncy political skadubpunk tunes for quite a few years now. You’ll regularly find them in a pub or squat playing a benefit gig for not much more than a bowl of food and a beer. And they’re really friendly too, seemingly happy […]

Sonic Boom Six – Rude Awakening CD/LP

For anyone not yet familiar with this bunch of cheeky Mancs, you could do worse than pick up either (or both) of these juicy releases. Hand-picked by the band, the tracks on show represent the finest fruits of the skapunkdubfunkmetaljungle tree. Tunes have been collected from their earliest works to their most recent offerings, with […]

Bender – Lost City Of Dalston LP

Artist: Bender Title: Lost City Of Dalston Source: Vinyl 12″ LP Bitrate: FLAC Running time (h:m:s): 00:42:26 Label: Words Of Warning (defunct) Cat. No: WOWLP43 Year: 1995

1. (00:01:01) Bender – I Did A Windmill 2. (00:03:48) Bender – Man Like You 3. (00:04:14) Bender – Peoples Army 4. (00:03:13) Bender – Freez Up 5. […]

AOS3 – On A Knight Train 12″ EP

Artist: AOS3 Title: On A Knight Train Source: Vinyl 12″ EP Format: FLAC Running time (h:m:s): 00:15:00 Size (mb): 100 Label: Inna State Cat. No: I.S. TV002 Year: 1996

With the British summer seemingly over, I needed something a bit warm and cuddly to perk me up so grabbed this and threw it on the […]