Free Noise #1

I’ve been impressed with the generosity of the online punk blogging community in sharing their old punk stuff. So I’ve decided to get in on the act by putting up occasional gems from my own collection. You can read more about the whys and hows here. Enjoy.
Karma Sutra sleeve and label
Artist: Karma Sutra
Album: The Daydreams Of A Production Line Worker
Source: Vinyl 12″ LP
Running time (h:m:s): 00:38:55
Bitrate: FLAC
Size (mb): 253.1
Label: Paradoxical Records (defunct)
Year: 1987

1. Roleplay
2. Intelligent Life
3. Pillow Talk
4. The Package
5. Dismantle The Lie
6. Absent Friends
7. The Spectre Of Capitalism
8. The Very Last Night Of The Proms
9. When The Music Stops
10. Indifference Kills
11. Shroud
12. Collectivise
13. Goodbye Cruel World
14. Masters And Slaves

This has to be one of the finest records ever to have come out of the 80’s UK anarcho scene. Not for Karma Sutra the simple political polemic and jarring guitar noise. No, lyrically this lot included situationism, anarcho-syndicalism, love and class war all wrapped up in strong melodic tunes.
Booklet detailKarma Sutra made it quite clear that they encouraged non-commercial copying and distribution of this record as much as possible – at one point they even planned only to sell it to public libraries so that no-one actually owned it (although they were defeated in this by local government logistics and the fact that some communities don’t have music libraries!). The label says it all really. See, all you torrent kiddies, we were fighting the fight way back!

OP’s opinion: Five

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