Smog UK – Misfit Songs 7″ EP

Artist: Smog UK
Title: Misfit Songs
Source: Vinyl 7″ EP
Bitrate: FLAC
Running time (h:m:s): 00:09:52
Size (mb): 70.1
Label: Smog Records
Cat. No: SUK 002
Year: 1995

Smog UK live at The Joiners, Southampton

Smog UK live at The Joiners many, many years ago

For a while, it seemed like you couldn’t avoid seeing Smog play if you were at any punky-related gig in and around Southampton in the ’90s. And that was a very good thing.

These boys knew how to knock up and belt out some mighty fine ska-tinted punk rock, reminiscent of early SLF with an ‘ampshire ‘og accent and a splash of Motorhead sauce. It’s no wonder I became mates with ’em (and still am to this day).

Life has since given the band members other commitments and Smog UK is no more. It’s a shame they only got around to putting out this EP and a split with Shutdown (which will be next up) in all their years together, as an album would’ve been far more fitting. Still, I’m happy they left any legacy at all.

OP’s opinion: Four

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  • think I’ve got the Older Than Dirt flexi around here somewhere – loved the joiners back in the day ( god that expression makes one feel ancient!)

  • I have a Smog UK live set recorded at The Joiners on the mixing desk so it’s good quality. I’m going to put it on the SD website at some point, but I can send you a copy to put on here if you like?

    Also, if you get round to copying their split 7″ we put out before I do can I nick that for our website?


  • This picture takes me back, I was at the gig. Smog were so tight and together. Chris London did their tape through the mixing desk, sounds great put on cd. Thinking back to the STE gigs, I wish we could all go back to that time again!

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