Mixing It Up For The Indonesian Punks!

As mentioned a couple of days ago, I’ve put together a mix for my punk friends in Indonesia. It’s not much, but I hope that someone who’s had a bit of a shit time at the rough end of this theocratic fascism ends up with a smile on their face after listening to it. Same goes for you lot too.

1. Blaggers ITA – Emergency
2. Extinction Of Mankind – Fourth Reich Religion
3. Rudimentary Peni – Teenage Time Killer
4. Inner Terrestrials – 1066
5. Burnt Cross – Mob Violence*
6. PAIN – Propaganda And Information Network
7. Appalachian Terror Unit – Judgemental, Ignorant, Stupid And Blind*
8. Doom – Reasonable Force
9. Bender – People’s Army
10. Oi Polloi – Bash The Fash
11. Restarts, The – Bolloxology
12. Warprayer – White Over Red
13. Jesus Bruiser – Oh Really
14. Propagandhi – Technocracy
15. Autonomads, The – Cloud Song
16. Hellbastard – Massacre
17. SubHumAns – This Year’s War
18. Division’s Ruin – Resist And Occupy
19. Spanner – Quiet Life*

*these are available from Iron Column Records

All in FLAC format. Once you’ve unzipped them, you’ll find that it’ll all fit perfectly onto a CD-R. There are a couple of skips, a few pops and the occasional bit of background noise in places. This is because some of the vinyl is old, not all of it was particularly well-treated in the past, and / or I didn’t have time to give it a deep clean before ripping. Nor could I be arsed with cleaning up the rips afterwards. Keeps it real though, eh?

Some notes about each song (and a bit of showing off):

1. Taken from the ‘Blaggamuffin’ mini-LP, Words Of Warning WOWLP19, 1991
2. Taken from the ‘Northern Scum’ LP, Profane Existence Vinyl Retentive Series VR001, limited edition of 200, split red / black wax, 2007
3. Taken from ‘Rudimentary Peni’ 7″ EP, Outer Mongolian Records BOOBOO1, 1981
4. Taken from the ‘Enter The Dragon’ 10″ EP, Maloka MAL017, 2001
5. Taken from the ‘Break The Law, Not The Poor’ 7″ EP, Tadpole Records tadpole030, Lukket Avdeling Records LAR-014, Loud Punk Records LOUD23, Opiate Records Opiate15, Rawby Records RAWBY008, Active Rebellion ACT021, Arripurri Records (none), Schizo Zine (none), Höhnie Records (none), Rusty Knife Records (none), 2011
6. Taken from the ‘Our Universe Commences Here’ LP, Iron Man Records IMB6003, 2001
7. Taken from the untitled split 7″ EP with Oi Polloi, Profane Existence Exist120, 2011
8. Taken from the untitled 2011 US tour EP, marbled wax, Black Cloud Records (none), 2011
9. Taken from the ‘People’s Army’ 7″ EP, Words Of Warning WOW39, limited edition of 500, clear red wax, 1994
10. Taken from the ‘Guilty 7″ EP, Ruptured Ambitions RA01, 1994
11. Taken from the ‘Outsider LP’, Rodent Popsicle Records RPR105, limited edition of 500, split red / white wax, 2007
12. Taken from the untitled split LP with Morne, Alerta Antifascista AA53, limited edition of 400, white wax, 2009
13. Taken from the ‘A Political Treatise In Six Parts’ 10″ EP, La Société Pue Prod, limited edition of 300, 2009
14. Taken from the untitled split 7″ EP with Sacrifice, War On Music WOM017, 1st pressing of 1000 copies, 2010
15. Taken from the ‘No Mans Land’ LP, Ruin Nation Records BOLLOX024, Mass Productions MASS124, Pumpkin Records PUM022, 2010
16. Taken from the untitled split 7″ EP with Dissent, Torture Garden Picture Company TG-39.0, limited edition of 500, purple splatter, 2010
17. Taken from the ‘Internal Riot’ LP, Bluurg Records FISH50, 2007
18. Taken from the untitled split LP with Easpa Measa, Contraszt! Records #18, Suburban Mayhem 003, Holy Shit Records (none), Distro-Y Records DY05, 2010
19. Taken from the ‘Crisis’ LP, Iron Column Records ICR1, limited edition of 100, split red / black wax, 2011

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If you are the copyright owner and want us to take down your music, just click here and let us know. We’re really not trying to piss anyone off.


  • Nice! I have a 90 minute tape made, just needs some artwork and it’ll be on its way tomorrow. Here’s a copy of my tracklist:


    1. utah phillips reads from the preamble to the iww constitution
    2. oi polloi – take back the land
    3. the business – real enemy
    4. anal thunder – through al bundy’s eyes
    5. burn cross – (s)mother earth
    6. omega tribe – is there a future?
    7. conflict – cruise missles
    8. icon ad – fight for peace
    9. kansalaistottelemattomuus – full spectrum resistance to their fucking system
    10. anti-flag – captain anarchy
    11. los fastidos – animal liberation
    12. avskum – fight back capitalism
    13. gbh – diplomatic immunity
    14. köttgrottorna – carlos
    15. skarpretter – naziscum
    16. subhumans – religious wars
    17. anti-system – in my eyes
    18. total apati – skammen


    1. broken bones – f.o.a.d
    2. a//political – rebels in sheeps clothing
    3. culture shock – pressure
    4. the varukers – no masters, no slaves
    5. defiance – burn
    6. dirt – profit & loss
    7. direct action – one tin soldier
    8. mongol shuudan – mama anarkhija
    9. anthrax – capitalism is cannibalism
    10. dead silence – we turn away
    11. juggling jugulars – opposites
    12. lost cherrees – still comes the rain
    13. powerage – stop apartheid
    14. rudimentary peni – teenage time killer
    15. arabens anus – hjältar går först
    16. absurd – anarki nu!
    17. antidote – no nazis in punk
    18. toxik ephex – shades of grey
    19. anti-product – violence breeds violence
    20. naked – one step forward
    21. kronstadt uprising – blind people

  • I only heard about the Indonesian thing at the weekend so it’s good to see you’re on the case 🙂

    I’ll be putting together a mix over this week then.

  • Hi, I am an American punk living in Indonesia. Thanks everyone for the rad support and these mixes are amazing! I will burn them to disc later to give to the Aceh punks. I am constantly updating my facebook with public posts regarding how people can support/information/news etc. Please feel free to use any and all information there freely. In addition I am asking people who have photos from solidarity actions to please send them to sriaduh@gmail.com. I want to make a zine with the photos to give to the punks in Aceh. PUNK IS NOT A CRIME!

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