Rebel Fest In Your Own Home

Rebel Fest comp coverThis weekend sees the inaugural Rebel Fest event in Canada, put together by my mates Randy and Phil of Rebel Time Records and a plethora of assorted noise merchants. Along the way, they hope to raise a good chunk of cash for G20 political prisoners. Seeing as getting to the land of mooses involves a bit more than hopping on the number 43 bus, I’m very happy that Randy, Phil and the crew have put together a free download for those of us who can’t make the trip. Musically it covers all bases, from ’77 old school via no-nonsense Oi! to modern melodic hardcore. Lyrically, all the bands say a big ‘Fuck You’ in their own unique ways to the rulers and parasites who fuck with us on a daily basis. Rebel Fest is a way to redress the balance, to get together, drink, dance and celebrate the fact that, no matter what ‘they’ do, we are ungovernable.

You can grab the compilation here. You may also like to consider making a donation to the defence funds too, either the G20 Legal Defence Fund (for longer-term support) or the Guelph Anarchist Black Cross G20 Fund (for more immediate short-term needs).

OP’s opinion: Five

VA – Bullshit Detector Two 2xLP

Artist: Various
Title: Bullshit Detector Two
Source: Vinyl 12″ 2xLP
Bitrate: FLAC
Running time (h:m:s): 01:17:45
Size (mb): 457
Label: CRASS Records
Cat. No: 221984/3
Year: 1982

A1 Waiting For Bardot – Voice Of U.K.
A2 Omega Tribe – Nature Wonder
A3 Suspects – Random Relations
A4 Your Funeral – Think About It
A5 Kronstadt Uprising – Receiver Deceiver
A6 Deformed – Freedom
A7 No Label – Let’s Get It Right
A8 Rejected, The – Same Old Songs
B1 Boffo – Garageland
B2 XS – Fuck The System
B3 Polemic Attack – Manipulated Youth
B4 A. Gardener – A. Gardener’s Song
B5 Toxic – Tradition Of Slaughter
B6 1984 – Breakup
B7 Unknown Artist – Insert
B8 Toxik Ephex – Police Brutality
B9 Sic – Low
B10 Molitov Cocktail – Ain’t Got A Clue
B11 Naked – Mid 1930’s (Pre-War Germany)
C1 Capital Punishment – We’ve Realised The Truth Now
C2 Anthrax – All The Wars
C3 Unknown Artist – Slaughter Of The Innocent (Curiosity Kills)
C4 Pseudo Sadists – War Games
C5 Total Chaos – Psycho Analysis
C6 Dougie – War Without Winners
C7 St. Vitus Dancers – The Survivor
C8 Stegz – Christus Erection
C9 Metro Youth – Brutalised
D1 Normality Complex – Black Market Shadow
D2 Youth In Asia – Power & The Glory
D3 Riot Squad – Security System
D4 Destructors – Agent Orange
D5 Pits, The – U.K. In Dreamland
D6 Bored, The – Riot Style
D7 Toby Kettle – Theatre Comment
D8 Chumbawamba – Three Years Later
D9 Passion Killers – Start Again
D10 Amerikan Arsenal – Get Off Yr Ass

The ‘Bullshit Detector’ series of three releases offered the chance for any @-punk with a tape recorder and something to say to get heard. Whether that was always a good thing or not, at least in technical or musical terms, can be (and has been) debated. What is undeniable is that these records offer a unique insight into @-punk culture in its heyday. Even the ‘bad’ tracks seem to fit in with the overall sense and purpose of the album and are certainly worth hearing at least once.

I must admit that it’s been quite a while since I last played this, so thanks to a certain individual who wanted it ripped for making me dig it out again. You’ve reminded me of just how cutting edge and inclusive the whole CRASS approach to music and politics was, and just how creative and interesting the outcomes from that mindset can be.

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Jakal For Jack All

While you may not yet heard of ’em, Jakal have been knocking out bouncy political skadubpunk tunes for quite a few years now. You’ll regularly find them in a pub or squat playing a benefit gig for not much more than a bowl of food and a beer. And they’re really friendly too, seemingly happy to chat about whatever mindless nonsense spills out of your drunken mouth in the early hours of the morning (sorry, Jakal). I caught ’em again just a few weeks back when they played one of their occasional soirΓ©es at the best pub in the world.

The band are also happy to share their sounds with people who haven’t had the chance to see them in person. If you visit their Bandcamp page you’ll be able to download everything they’ve released, totally free and in a load of formats including FLAC for audiogeeks like me, with the exception of their latest (and best so far) 5-track CDEP which cost me a recession-friendly Β£2 at the gig, less than the cost of a pint and giving me pleasure for a whole lot longer. As they say themselves

Download our first 4 releases for FREE then burn 100 copies for your mates πŸ™‚ spread the word…

So that’s exactly what I’m doing. You may be asked to sign up to their mailing list along the way, but that’s no big deal. They only use it to tell you about nice things like this.

V.A. – Grindcore Collection

Artist: Various Artists
Album: Grindcore Collection
Mixed: Ernest Embryo
Date: November 2010
Genre: Grindcore/Crust
Codec: LAME 3.92 (mp3)
Bit rate: Nothing less than 192kbps

Track Listing
01. Dead Battery – Agoraphobic Nosebleed
02. Rot – Hatred Surge
03. Time To Act – Nasum
04. Timelord Zero (Chronovore) – Agoraphobic Nosebleed
05. Yawning God – Cretin
06. Conference Call Immolation – Watchmaker
07. Cheerleader Corpses – Pig Destroyer
08. Nazi Punks Fuck Off – Napalm Death
09. Genocide – Heresy
10. Blood And Circus – Nausea
11. Drug Me – Sepultura
12. Information Superlost Highway – Agoraphobic Nosebleed
13. Cold – Caustic Christ
14. Corporation Pull-In – Terrorizer
15. Your Turn Next – Concrete Sox
16. Chickens – Electro Hippies
17. Stench Of Death – Raw Noise
18. You Will Be Shot – Naked City
19. Spray Paint The Walls – Remembering Never
20. Christianity Regurgitater – Agathocles
21. Moral Distortion – Agoraphobic Nosebleed
22. Function Function – Beecher
23. Slaughtercult – Exhumed
24. Follow Suit – Heresy
25. I Hate People – Nasum
26. Fucktoy – Brutal Truth
27. Each Day A New Low – Concrete Sox
28. Systems Shit – Extreme Noise Terror
29. Mentally Murdered – Napalm Death
30. Die And Get The Fuck Out Of The Way – Agoraphobic Nosebleed
31. Euphoric State Of Butchery – Regurgitate
32. Old And Tired – Hatred Surge
33. Fuckable – Carnival In Coal
34. Another Needs To Be Fed – Agathocles
35. Sadists – Concrete Sox
36. Slithering Maceration Of Ulcerous Facial Tissue – General Surgery
37. Scarlet Hourglass – Pig Destroyer
38. Butchers – Nausea
39. Meltdown – Electro Hippies
40. And If – The Distance
41. Unleash The Bastards – Municipal Waste
42. Pestilent Decay – Repulsion
43. Blank Stare – Caustic Christ
44. Negative Appeal – Insect Warfare
45. Agorapocalypse Now – Agoraphobic Nosebleed
46. Today’s World – Concrete Sox

Here’s another compilation for your listening pleasure. This one’s a selection of various different grindcore bands though there’s also a bit of crust mixed in as well. Though whatever genre you want to call it this is all full on, blazing fast, brutal hardcore. Not for the faint hearted πŸ™‚

Grindcore is an extreme genre of music that started in the early to mid 1980s. It draws inspiration from some of the most abrasive music genres – including death metal, industrial music, noise and the more extreme varieties of hardcore punk.

It goes on for around 70 minutes so it should fit onto a CD if you want to burn yourself a copy.

Enjoy πŸ™‚



Scab Aid – Let It Be 7″ EP

Scab Aid

Artist: Scab Aid (Chumbawamba)
Title: Let It Be
Source: Vinyl 7″ EP
Bitrate: FLAC
Running time (h:m:s): 00:09:50
Size (mb): 53.5
Label: None
Cat. No: SCAB1
Year: 1987

Never ones to shy away from tackling the issues of the moment head-on, Chumbawamba released this single just after a bunch of has-been popstars collaborated with capitalist scumbag Rupert Murdoch and his shitrag tabloid The Sun, to release a ‘charity’ EP for victims of a tragedy that saw almost 200 people drown when a passenger ferry, the Herald Of Free Enterprise (no prizes for guessing the political affiliations of the owners), sank just outside the Belgian port of Zebrugge. Many of the dead were daytrippers who had taken advantage of a discounted offer in The Scum to stock up on cheap booze and fags.

The previous year, Murdoch, in collaboration with the Tory government, the cops and their own trade union bosses, had destroyed the union presence at his Wapping printing plant in a bitter dispute. 12 months of protest, sabotage and riot by a small but committed band of strikers and supporters were no match for the combined might of capital, reformist union leaders and the state (although it was fun while it lasted).

The cynicism of Murdoch and his chums in the music biz as they capitalised on the tragedy was only too apparent to those of us who had watched him destroy the lives of decent, hard-working people only months before. This EP gave a voice to our disgust, a feeling that remains to this day.

OP’s opinion: Five

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Requested by Phil of the rather excellent Canuck politico-punkers Humanifesto, who also happens to have a severe case of Chumbawambitis.

Bender – Lost City Of Dalston LP

Artist: Bender
Title: Lost City Of Dalston
Source: Vinyl 12″ LP
Bitrate: FLAC
Running time (h:m:s): 00:42:26
Label: Words Of Warning (defunct)
Cat. No: WOWLP43
Year: 1995

1. (00:01:01) Bender – I Did A Windmill
2. (00:03:48) Bender – Man Like You
3. (00:04:14) Bender – Peoples Army
4. (00:03:13) Bender – Freez Up
5. (00:04:12) Bender – Date Line
6. (00:02:50) Bender – Sponging Scum
7. (00:01:46) Bender – Pond Life
8. (00:04:45) Bender – Power To The People
9. (00:02:12) Bender – Fools Paradise
10. (00:04:32) Bender – Injun Dub
11. (00:06:09) Bender – Earth Zone
12. (00:03:28) Bender – Junk
13. (00:00:17) Bender – Silver Hippy

Bender were another free fest fixture ‘n’ fitting (well, with a name like bender, what did you expect?) and added a further dimension to the great bands and songs that such a culture inspired. There’s all of the dubby skanky stuff you’d rightly expect but with some really slick funky discordance and left-field tuneship layered on – just check out the cover of Op Ivy’s ‘Freez Up’ for evidence of their ability to creatively recycle an old classic. It’s eminently danceable, musically engaging and lyrically clever, even raising a chuckle or two along the way.

OP’s opinion: Four

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V.A. – Pogo Pope Compilation

Artist: Various Artists
Album: Pogo Pope Compilation
Date: September 2010
Genre: Punk
Codec: LAME 3.92 (mp3)
Bitrate: Mainly 320kbps (with some 192/256kbps)

Track Listing
01. Moral Majority – Dead Kennedys (from In God We Trust)
02. Arise – Amebix (from Redux EP)
03. The Evil Clergyman – Rudimentary Peni (from Cacophony)
04. Cast Out – Cross Stitched Eyes (from Coranach)
05. Religious Wars – Subhumans (from Religious Wars EP)
06. So What – Crass (from Feeding Of The 5,000)
07. Church And State – MDC. (from Millions Of Dead Cops)
08. Jesus Youth – Th’ Inbred (from Family Affair)
09. Anti Christ – Alternative (from In Nomine Patri EP)
10. Prayer Of A Realist – G.B.H. (from City Baby Attacked By Rats)
11. Fear Of God – Amebix (from Arise)
12. Army Of Jesus – Rudimentary Peni (from Death Church)
13. Religious Vomit – Dead Kennedys (from In God We Trust)
14. Asylum – Crass (from Feeding Of The 5,000)
15. God Has Gone Wrong Again – Blyth Power (from A Little Touch Of Harry)
16. Satan Youth – Th’ Inbred (from Family Affair)
17. Blasphemy Squad – Rudimentary Peni (from Death Church)
18. Onward Christian Soldiers-Icons Of Filth (Onward Christian Soldiers)
19. Belief – Heresy (from Split LP with Concrete Sox)
20. No Religion – D.R.I. (from Crossover)
21. The Church Is For Sinners – Amebix (from No Sanctuary)
22. Millions Of Damn Christians – MDC (from Millions Of Damn Christians)
23. Bar-B-Q Pope – Butthole Surfers (from Butthole Surfers)
24. Anti-Pope – The Damned (from Machine Gun Etiquette)
25. Pogo Pope – Rudimentary Peni (from Pope Adrian 37th Psychristiatric)
26. Come To The Sabbat – Propagandhi (from Supporting Caste)

To celebrate the pope’s visit to the UK I’ve put together a nice little selection of punk tracks that are related to religion in one way or another. As for me, I’m what is known as an explicit atheist. To put it simply, I have made a conscious decision about my non-belief in a creator or god. I have never found a single shred of evidence or facts regarding the existence of a higher being and if you consider some of the other theories that explain how life can exist I cannot see any reason for believing in a god. Obviously this is just what I believe to be true and I don’t wish to denigrate anyone’s own beliefs. If someone finds their religion a comfort or a moral guidance then that is their choice. It’s just not for me πŸ™‚ I’ve included a couple of bonus bits with the download but you’ll have to download the file to find out what they are πŸ™‚ Enjoy.



Blaggers I.T.A . – Guns Of Brixton EP

Guns Of Brixton sleeveArtist: Blaggers I.T.A.
Title: Guns Of Brixton
Source: Vinyl 1-sided 7″ EP
Bitrate: FLAC
Running time (h:m:s): 00:03:13
Size (mb): 22.1
Label: Disinformation
Cat. No: BITA2
Year: 1992

As an extra bonus for the Blaggers lovers, here’s the one-sided EP with their dubby bass-heavy version of The Clash’s ‘Guns Of Brixton’. As with most things Clash-inspired, I have a soft spot for this clever reworking. It was released on the label their manager set up after they were made persona non grata in the music biz world and dropped by EMI, mostly for Matty Blag’s altercation with a poncy journo from Melody Maker who was fucking stupid enough to accuse him of still being a fascist.

OP’s opinion: Four

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Ramraiders I.T.A. – Wildside EP

Artist: Ramraiders I.T.A.
Title: Wildside
Source: Vinyl 7″ EP
Bitrate: FLAC
Running time (h:m:s): 00:07:11
Size (mb): 49.3
Label: Fluffy Bunny Records
Cat. No:
Year: 1992

Ramraiders A

Here’s another little vinyl rarity that’s long had a loving home at Old Punk Towers. This EP, recorded by the Blaggers, was a bootleg put out by their previous label under the Ramraiders name (presumably as some kind of protest) when they signed to EMI, and it features two tracks they laid down as a demo for the big boys. It’s pretty ballsy to include a track honouring the 10 dead IRA hunger strikers when you’re pitching to a major, but typical Blaggers style – this is us, deal with it. I’m glad these tracks saw the light of day in this form – the slightly rough ‘n’ ready sound and mix make these strong tracks that stand out in their own right among the more polished studio stuff.

I’ve already raved about how crucial I think the Blaggers were and still are – that sounds-from-the-streets mix of punk and dance coupled with a pitbull attitude that’ll see you through the tough times as well as the good. Expect nothing less from this cut too.

Ramraiders AA

OP’s opinion: Four half

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AOS3 – On A Knight Train 12″ EP

AOS3 - On A Knight Train labelArtist: AOS3
Title: On A Knight Train
Source: Vinyl 12″ EP
Format: FLAC
Running time (h:m:s): 00:15:00
Size (mb): 100
Label: Inna State
Cat. No: I.S. TV002
Year: 1996

With the British summer seemingly over, I needed something a bit warm and cuddly to perk me up so grabbed this and threw it on the platter. It’s been quite a while since I’d heard it and I’d forgotten just how chirpy it is. Don’t expect the usual AOS3 sound if you grab this – the remixers, Zion Train and Knights Of The Occasional Table, take these tracks on a dancey mission that nicely exemplifies how the punks and ravers could ‘get it on’ when the mood took ’em.

It seemed a shame to keep these uplifting beeps and bleeps to myself so, whether it’s grey or sunny outside, grab these and give yourself a drug-free boost (unless, like me, it’s too late for the drug-free bit).

OP’s opinion: Three half

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