V.A. – The ABC Of Anarchy

Artist: Various Artists
Album: The ABC Of Anarchy
Year: August 2010
Genre: Anarcho Punk
Codec: LAME 3.92 (mp3)
Bitrate: 320K/s 44100Hz Joint Stereo
Notes: Even though the download is in 320kbps not all the originals were. It’s nothing major, just letting you know.

Track Listing
01) Tortured And Abused [Antisect]
02) Riot Style [Bored]
03) Berkshire Cunt [Conflict]
04) Unemployment [DIRT]
05) Operation Successful [Exit Stance]
06) Poem / Tube Disasters [Flux Of Pink Indians]
07) Time Bomb [G.B.H.]
08) Cosmetic Plague [Human Error]
09) Success On A Plate [Icons Of Filth]
10) Banned From The Roxy [Jeffrey Lewis]
11) It’s Our World Too [Karma Sutra]
12) Sea Of Desecration [Legion Of Parasites]
13) Another Day, Another Death [The Mob]
14) One Step Forward [Naked]
15) Man Made [Omega Tribe]
16) Jump Mama Jump [Poison Girls]
17) Q: And Children? A: And Children. [Discharge]
18) B Ward [Rudimentary Peni]
19) Rats [Subhumans]
20) Police Brutality [Toxik Ephex]
21) Tube Disasters (Flux Cover) [UK Subs]
22) Indo-China (Crucifix Cover) [Varukers]
23) Fuck The System (X.S. Cover) [Wat Tyler]
24) Fuck The System [X.S.]
25) Power [Youthanasia]
26) Fear (Live) [Zounds]

Here’s another compilation for your listening pleasure. This one is an ‘ABC’ of anarcho punk bands. I did have a nice idea for the track list but it all went a bit tits up at the letter Q so I’ve had to use a little artistic license 😉 This is actually all mixed together into one big mp3 file. Unfortunately I couldn’t use my decks as I don’t have all the vinyl so it was done on my laptop using Audacity, a free audio editor. It goes on for around an hour and I’ve included some covers if you want to burn yourself a copy.


Scum Of Toytown – Strike CD

Artist: Scum Of Toytown
Title: Strike
Source: CD
Format: FLAC
Running time (h:m:s): 00:36:18
Size (mb): 228
Label: Words Of Warning
Cat. No: WOWCD41
Year: 1994

01. (00:04:21) Scum Of Toytown – Crisis
02. (00:02:39) Scum Of Toytown – Sink Or Swim
03. (00:01:52) Scum Of Toytown – Curfew
04. (00:05:44) Scum Of Toytown – Different Drum
05. (00:02:03) Scum Of Toytown – Mr. Clinton
06. (00:04:34) Scum Of Toytown – Six Feet Higher
07. (00:03:12) Scum Of Toytown – Glug Glug
08. (00:03:54) Scum Of Toytown – Jackboot Crusade
09. (00:05:38) Scum Of Toytown – Feedback
10. (00:02:22) Scum Of Toytown – Work, Rest And Riot

Scum Of Toytown 'Strike' coverHere’s another corker from the peak of the free festival scene back in the 90’s. The bands and the people remained determined to get it on, despite the best attempts of the braindead pigs at The Beanfield or the joyless fucks in Whitehall. Scum Of Toytown were part of the furniture and laid down dancy dubpunk tunes that caught the mood perfectly. Politically conscious lyrics err on the positive side and, for the most part, so do the tunes. A bit of minor key melancholy doesn’t go amiss but ultimately the band wanted to make sure that Emma Goldman’s spirit lived on. Sadly I never got to see them in their natural environment, but this CD isn’t a bad substitue at all (especially with a cold beer and a spliff round a fire in the garden).

OP’s opinion: Four half

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This one was requested by Neil C who sent me a lovely email. Flattery and insomnia will get you everywhere.

Ya Basta! – Lucha Y Fiesta CD

Artist: Ya Basta! (website not updated in a long time!)
Title: Lucha Y Fiesta
Source: CD
Format: FLAC
Running time (h:m:s): 00:36:55
Size (mb): 265
Label: Basta Banda
Cat. No: YB2001-01
Year: 2001

1. (00:03:52) Ya Basta! – Cocktail Molotov
2. (00:03:10) Ya Basta! – Ouvrier
3. (00:03:56) Ya Basta! – Systeme Scolaire
4. (00:02:27) Ya Basta! – Lucha Y Fiesta
5. (00:02:59) Ya Basta! – Kamilia
6. (00:02:54) Ya Basta! – 60’s
7. (00:04:07) Ya Basta! – Notre Resistance
8. (00:02:17) Ya Basta! – La Force Du Droit
9. (00:03:14) Ya Basta! – Insupportables
10. (00:03:20) Ya Basta! – Barcelone
11. (00:04:40) Ya Basta! – EZLN

I’ve always felt that YB! are one of those bands who should be better known than they appear to be, at least outside of continental Europe. These French skanarcho-skindicalists have created some of the finest kick-up-the-dust tunes around, laced with lyrics as sharp as their dress sense. They called it a day in 2006 but, when music is this good, it stays fresh no matter what. There’s big and bold brass holding the centre ground, while the rest of the band generate stonkingly upbeat boot-moving rhythms and melodies that backs it all up with perfect ease.

The dual vocal delivery is spot-on and, while everything is sung in French (you can find the original lyrics using the search function at ‘Just Some Lyrics‘), it’s not too hard to get where they’re coming from if you don’t speak the lingo (Google will help you fill in the gaps). Their passion for the politics oozes from every pore and the passion for their culture is captured in every single note.

OP’s opinion: Five

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If you like this band, you should also check out Guarapita. I had the good fortune to catch ’em live a few weeks back and they did the business. OK, there was no brass involved, but that same Ya Basta vibe was there in buckets. As was the guarapita cocktail (aged rum, passion fruit juice, sugar) that they dished out in generous measure to a thirsty and appreciative crowd. They’ve made all of their tunes available for free download from their site, in ogg format (don’t worry, there are plenty of programs that can deal with ogg files) and all under a generous Creative Commons licence.

VA – JD Twitch’s 60 Minutes Of Fear CD

Artist: Various mixed by JD Twitch
Title: 60 Minutes Of Fear
Source: CD
Format: FLAC
Running time (h:m:s): 01:04:53
Size (mb): 429
Cat. No: RVNGMX6
Year: 2008

1. (00:00:31) Bombastic Intro – Big Black
2. (00:02:37) Zounds – Can’t Cheat Karma
3. (00:03:12) Crass – Bata Motel
4. (00:02:26) Savage Republic – Viva Le Rock N’ Roll
5. (00:02:41) Butthole Surfers – Mexican Caravan
6. (00:02:46) Flipper – Ever
7. (00:02:54) The Ex – Ay Carmela
8. (00:04:01) Sun City Girls – CIA Man
9. (00:02:49) The Mob – Witch Hunt
10. (00:04:33) Swans – A Screw (Holy Money)
11. (00:03:09) Sonic Youth – Brother James
12. (00:03:10) The Pop Group – She Is Beyond Good And Evil
13. (00:01:38) Minutemen – This Ain’t No Picnic
14. (00:03:24) Husker Du – Don’t Want To Know If You Are Lonely
15. (00:03:04) Big Black – Jordan Minnesota
16. (00:02:43) World Domination Enterprises – Asbestos, Lead, Asbestos
17. (00:03:17) Black Flag – Slip It In
18. (00:02:53) Flux Of Pink Indians – Tube Disasters
19. (00:02:55) Rentals – New York
20. (00:03:38) Screamers – 122 Hours Of Fear
21. (00:03:08) Fatal Microbes – Violence Grows
22. (00:03:25) Poison Girls – State Control And Rock N’ Roll

OK, here’s something a bit different to whet your aural appetites. JD Twitch is a DJ, remixer, producer and other various music-related -ers who’s based in Jockland but seen at venues all over the place. A couple of years ago he contacted a few of the old anarcho bands and Honey Bane for permission to do a bit of work on some of the tunes from the CRASS era. The end result was a 10″ entitled ’10 Inches Of Fear’, with his take on Tube Disasters, Guilty, War and Witch Hunt. It’s a sweet release, and even the HB track is bearable.

You can still buy the 10″ from RVNG INTL (igetrvng.com), the label behind the release, and hear samples from the four tunes mentioned. I’ll get around to ripping it sometime, as me and my wallet know it’s fucking expensive to buy it from the States (no UK distros have any copies left) and I reckon this is one of those occasions when it’s justified to rip an in-print release.

What follows is a rip of the free CD that comes with the big piece of plastic. From what I can work out, this is unlicensed and is marked ‘Promotional Purposes – Pay No More than 0p’ so it’s also fair game. It’s a mix of punk-related tunes (including some of the above) that chart JD’s early punk history. On the nice 20″x20″ fold-out poster that encases the CD, he states that there were a couple of good reasons for doing this:

The idea behind it is twofold. Firstly I thought that there might be some people out there who know nothing about this music and might stumble across this and find that they really like it. Secondly, there are probably a load of people out there who used to dig this stuff but are now deep into cosmic disco or somesuch and this might remind them how great and eminently listenable this music still is.

I still “dig this stuff” and, although it’s not the perfect mix for my particular tastes, it’s not bad either. The sentiment seems genuine and I can’t really disagree with it. So give it a whirl and admire the fact that someone else has done the hard work of putting the whole thing together for you to dance and drink to.

OP’s opinion: Three half

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D.I.Y. Irish Hardcore Punk Archive

This is a blog dedicated to Irish Punk and Hardcore, mainly from the early 90’s up until present but there are a few earlier pieces as well. Everything has been ripped to mp3 format from old vinyl, demos, live recordings, unreleased songs and so on. It is only music that is out of print so it’s a chance to get listening to bands you may have once missed out on, rekindle memories of old bands you may have forgotten and even check some recent bands you may not have heard of. It also contains a few videos and some zines that have been scanned in. Well worth checking out and downloading some things whether you know or don’t know the bands.

Recommendations: Stress, Coitus, Striknien D.C., Monkhouse, Pink Turds in Space, Cuinas, Steam Pig, actually, just download everything, it is all great.

Link: http://diyirishhardcorepunkarchive.blogspot.com/

Wat Tyler – I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles (The Seedy Side Of…) CD

Artist: Wat Tyler
Title: I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles (The Seedy Side Of…)
Source: CD
Format: FLAC
Running time (h:m:s): 01:14:55
Size (mb): 449
Label: Rugger Bugger Discs (defunct) / Gap Recordings
Cat. No: SEEP007 / GAP004
Year: 1992

01 No I.D.
02 Hops And Barley
03 Heavy Metal Vivisector
04 We Pledge Our Allegiance To Satan
05 Coming Home (Parts One And Two)
06 Regina Coult
07 Johnny’s Puppy
08 Bring Me The Head Of Gus Caesar
09 Keith Cassells
10 The Foulmouth Grave Robber
11 Decidedly Dodgy
12 The Thrusting Cod Piece
13 Dung Heap
14 Tucker Raps
15 A Public House
16 Interfering With Play
17 Apologies
18 Militant Strike
19 Elm Park Tramp
20 Who’s Game?
21 Life In The Toffee Apple
22 The Little People
23 Primeval
24 It Must Be Boring Being In Snuff
25 Young Warriors
26 Directive
27 Sweet Child O’ Mine
28 Even Great Men Talk Bollocks
29 Brostitute
30 Why?
31 The Day We Ommed On Next Doors Coffee Table
32 There’s A Guy Down The Chip Shop Swears He’s Saddam
33 Slaughter Of The Little People
34 Terry Fenwick’s Leg Takes Crack
35 The Smurf Song
36 Get Down On It
37 The Mindless Slaughter Of The Little People
38 Violent Precinct
39 Billy Bond’s Claret And Blue Army
40 It’s Football, Not Fuckin’ Soccer
41 Mr. Punch
42 At The End Of The M1
43 Bat Out Of Surbiton
44 The Resurrected Zombie Little People Kick Arse
45 The Tools Of Satan And The Glorious Army Of The Supreme Soviet (I’m Feeling Mellow)
46 Rainbow
47 The Coachmen
48 Visions Of The Daughters Of The Albion
49 Everything I Do
50 Washing Machine
51 9 To 5
52 There’s A Guy Down The Chip Shop Swears He’s Satan

Wat Tyler. The funniest band to have drunkenly stumbled around a stage. Ever. FACT. This is their first compilation CD, taken from all of their recordings up to the year of release, and features 52 tracks* of rampant stupidity, cover song massacres and a nod to pretty much every musical genre under the sun.

Incontinence pants are advised.

OP’s opinion: Five

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* The cover lists 54 tracks, but only 52 actually made it on to the disc. The missing two tracks are ‘Steven Do’ and ‘A Crappy Song For A Crappy Compilation’.

Radical Dance Faction – Borderline Cases LP

Artist: Radical Dance Faction
Title: Borderline Cases
Source: Vinyl 12″ LP
Format: FLAC
Running time (h:m:s): 00:46:40
Size (mb): 296
Label: Earth Zone Records (defunct)
Year: 1990

RDF could regularly be found in a field during the free festival heydays of the 80’s and 90’s, dishing out their pared-back bass-heavy ambient dub sounds that were the perfect foil to vocalist Chris Bowsher’s poetical drone-like delivery (and I mean that in a good way). The lyrics are abstract without being meaningless, reflecting the world at the time as seen through jaded but hopeful eyes. A perfect example on this album is the track ‘Hot On The Wire’, where Bowsher recounts his experiences as a witness to the Hungerford massacre, when a lone gunman went on a killing spree in the quiet Berkshire market town, with haunting honesty. Bowsher’s rumoured taste for opiates were possibly influential on the style but the lyrics are not junkie stoner meanderings, more a personal attempt to capture and convey the zeitgeist running through the underground.

RDF have been back in occasional action over the last couple of years, and have a new album due out some time this month if all goes to plan. Until then, you could do worse than to grab this classic. At first the whole thing may strike you as depressing but give it time and I think you’ll ‘get it’ as much as I do. And if you don’t, well, that’s fine too.

OP’s opinion: Four half

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VA – Who? What? Why? When? Where?

Artist : Various Artists
Album : Who? What? Why? When? Where?
Label : Mortarhate Records
Catalog# : MORT 4
Source : Vinyl
Year : March 1984
Genre : Anarcho Punk
Codec : FLAC
ID3-Tag : ID3v2.3

Track Listing
1. Cruise… [Conflict] (1:55)
2. It’ll Be Alright On The Night [Anthrax] (2:11)
3. It’s Our World Too [Karma Sutra] (2:10)
4. Untitled [Moet The Poet] (3:38)
5. Capital City [Sub Squad] (2:04)
6. Hey You [Chaos] (1:35)
7. Mankind Murders [Stigma] (1:41)
8. Remote Control [Toxic Shock] (3:59)
9. It’s No Crime [Vex] (3:04)
10. Operation Successful [Exit-Stance] (1:47)
11. The Offending Article [Poison Girls] (4:33)
12. New Winter [Know The Drill] (3:55)
13. The Youth Are To Blame [Death Zone] (2:01)
14. The Wait [Lost Cherrees] (2:32)
15. Private 999 [Sixteen Guns] (2:03)
16. Stupid [Icons Of Filth] (3:17)
17. Animal Crimes [The Mad Are Sane] (3:46)
18. For The Ferrymen [Hagar The Womb] (2:15)

Here’s another compilation I’ve recently recorded from the original vinyl.

This collection of anarchist and “human rights” punk bands from the UK is a strong, varied, and provocative selection, one that should be of major interest to hardcore aficionados. It’s somewhat uneven, as are most samplers, but the brilliant track by Conflict stands out, and is almost matched by those of some surprising new groups (text from Kill From The Heart).

Download Who What Why When Where (from Mediafire)
Download Who What Why When Where (from Megaupload)
Download Who What Why When Where (Torrent file)
Note: The mediafire/megaupload links are mp3 files at 256kbps. The torrent file is for the FLAC version.

Credit To The Nation – Pay The Price 12″ EP

Artist: Credit To The Nation
Title: Pay The Price
Source: Vinyl 12″ EP
Format: FLAC
Running time (h:m:s): 00:16:35
Size (mb): 109
Label: Agit-Prop (defunct)
Year: 1991

Veering slightly off the beaten track, here’s a bit of early 90’s radical hiphop in a UK stylee. CTTN were made up of three youngish kids from the Midlands, an MC and two dancers, who could move from a mainstream poppy R&B sound one minute, to some pretty cutting political rap the next. But they always did it with a cheeky grin that you can really pick up on in Fusion’s delivery, and they had some slick stage moves too! Remember, this was a time when pit piles were seen as the height of suave self-expression through the medium of dance.

For only three tracks, you get a nice feel for how this mob effortlessly switched around the sounds they made. Time to get down, homies.

OP’s opinion: Three half

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World & US Punk Compilations

Seeing as this is my first post on the Old Punks site I thought I’d try and make it a good one. This is a ‘2 disc’ compilation of world and US punk bands and most of the tracks are from the early 80s. The bands on the ‘world’ disc are from various countries around the globe and are mainly anarcho-punk but there are some other styles as well. As you can probably guess the US disc contains the bands from the U.S. and Canada and is more from the hardcore side of things but again it’s not exclusively hardcore.

Each collection should fit onto a single CD if you want to burn yourself a copy and I’ve even included some covers 🙂

I hope you enjoy it and if you’ve got any comments then post them here.

World Punk Comp Track List:

01) Endless Blockades For The Pussy Footer [GISM]
02) Onward Christian Soldiers [Icons Of Filth]
03) Knife Edge [G.B.H]
04) Ataque [Kangrena]
05) Pay For Shit [Pandemonium]
06) Riot Style [Bored]
07) No Scapegoat [Varukers]
08) Conflict [Conflict]
09) Democracy [DIRT]
10) Sustain The Orgy [Concrete Sox]
11) Choice Of A New Generation [Brutal Truth]
12) Man (Reproduce) [Reality Control]
13) Manipulated Youth [Polemic Attack]
14) Complete Disorder [Disorder]
15) Mai Arrendersi [Wretched]
16) Discord In B Ward [Rudimentary Peni]
17) Some Of Us Scream [Flux Of Pink Indians]
18) The Man Goes On [Impact]
19) The Greatest American Zero [BGK]
20) Stench Of Death [Raw Noise]
21) Non Mi Dire [Negazione]
22) Drug Me [Sepultura]
23) Hallo There, How’s Life? [Antisect]
24) Wipe Out [Stupids]
25) Finale [The Execute]
26) Nazi Punks Fuck Off [Napalm Death]
27) Nuclear Attack [Mob 47]
28) Drugs Of Youth [Subhumans]
29) Fight Back [Discharge]
30) Belief [Heresy]
31) Death To Humanity [Riot/Clone]
32) You’ll Never Own Me [Chaos U.K]
33) Curfew [Amebix]
34) Greetings From Poland [Dezerter]
35) Sea Of Desecration [Legion Of Parasites]
36) Hoax [Malinheads]
37) Rival Tribal Revel Rebel [Crass]
38) The Big Hurt [Meatfly]
39) Systems Shit [Extreme Noise Terror]
40) Moment By Moment [Zenzile]

US Punk Comp Track List:

01) Modest Proposal [Youth Brigade]
02) Things To Do Today [Scream]
03) The Prisoner [DOA]
04) Dead Rock & Rollers [Detention]
05) Earth AD [Misfits]
06) Final War [Agnostic Front]
07) Ha Ha Ha [Flipper]
08) Battlefield [Iconoclast]
09) Jesus Youth [Th’Inbred]
10) She Knew She’d Lose [Out Of Order]
11) Well Paid Scientist [Dead Kennedys]
12) Beastie Boys [Beastie Boys]
13) Straight On [7 Seconds]
14) Gacy’s Place [Mentally Ill]
15) You Will Be Shot [Naked City]
16) Silence [Septic Death]
17) Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs [Minutemen]
18) Time Will Tell [Cause For Alarm]
19) Real World [Husker Du]
20) No Pity [Toxic Reasons]
21) Fabulous Day [False Prophets]
22) Straight Edge [Minor Threat]
23) Kick You [JFA]
24) Drop The A Bomb [ODFX]
25) Up Against A Wall [Articles Of Faith]
26) Police Story [Black Flag]
27) Jesus Entering From The Rear [Feederz]
28) Spiritual Law [DI]
29) Peace Of What [Trash]
30) Democracy Spawns Bad Taste [Crucifucks]
31) Face Down In The Dirt [Offenders]
32) Corporate Deathburger [MDC]
33) Fun Again [Half Japanese]
34) Paid Vacation [Circle Jerks]
35) Melons Rising [Meat Puppets]
36) Pay To Cum [Bad Brains]
37) The Ladder [Painkiller]
38) Break In [Fugazi]
39) Simple Minds [Dag Nasty]
40) Marriage [DRI]

All the tracks are 256kbps mp3 files.

Download World Punk comp pt. 1
Download World Punk comp pt.2

Download US Punk comp pt.1
Download US Punk comp pt.2

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