Left For Dead – Humanity CD

Once upon a time, punk rock turned up uninvited and gatecrashed polite society. Before too long, spiky herberts everywhere took the sound and attitude and really made it theirs. And so street punk was born, not on the lucrative mainstream circuit but in dodgy clubs and ropey pubs frequented by ne’er-do-wells of every shade. The […]

Hold A Grudge – Doing Time CD

Hold A Grudge are classic mid-paced hardcore, the good old solid kind that’ll get you through a bad day with enough left over for a pleasant supper. While at first it may seem like there’s nothing particularly groundbreaking about the sound, listen a bit more closely and you’ll find there’s plenty of originality on show, […]

The Redskins – Epilogue CD

Back in the 80s, Britain and much of the rest of the world was a grim place and, to a large extent, the music we listened to reflected that. Sure we had coloured hair, drink, drugs and free festivals to take the edge off, and a few bands who tried to infuse their music with […]

A//Political – The Greatest Working Crass Rip-Off – Discography LP + Book

I have never been so happy or excited about a record as when this one arrived at my door. A//Political are one of my favourite bands of all time so there will be no surprise that I will have nothing but great things to say about them. Anyway, after a long wait this record finally […]

Anthrax – Welcome/One Last Drop MCD

More than twenty years since their last recordings, Anthrax’s newest recordings are offered in the form of a mini CD named after the two songs featured, “Welcome” and “One Last Drop”. I have felt that Anthrax were one of the best anarcho bands who were offered up by the 80’s but I also think of […]

Mouth Sewn Shut – 2009 CD

Building on the strong foundations they’ve laid down over the past few years, MSS are back with their best to date. ‘2009’ is a mix of new tracks and reworkings of some of their older stuff, and it’s as power-packed as a nuclear plant without any of the associated health risks (unless you stick your […]

The Skints – Live. Breathe. Build. Believe. CD

There are some who say that youth is wasted on the young. I beg to differ, especially when said youth are producing slabs of sound as sweet as this. This cheeky bunch have got musical smarts about them that’s for sure, being well versed in the bouncy reggae legacy of Bob Marley with more than […]

The Autonomads – No Mans Land CD

It’s great to see DIY is still being kept alive by bands like The Autonomads. This release comes in a hand-folded A3 poster inside a hand-sewn hessian bag with a hand-numbered tag showing which one of the thousand pressed you’ve got. Impressive enough before you even get to the content. When you put this […]

Dirty Revolution – Before The Fire CD

There may still be a few grey clouds outside but, with a beat packing more bounce than Skippy and a voice that’s as enchanting as a baby’s laugh, this disc is a great way to kickstart the summer season.

Dirty Revolution hail from the not quite so exotic and distinctly untropical climes of Cardiff but […]

Millions Of Dead Cops / The Restarts – Mobocracy Split LP

With two of my favourite bands on one record, I knew the chances of me being impressed were high even before the needle hit the groove. The splatter vinyl and top notch sleeve illustrations by Kieran Restart simply added to the thrill of anticipation. And thrilled I was once the technology did its thing and […]