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Free Noise #6

Artist: Mortal Terror / Generic
Title: Untitled split
Source: Vinyl 12" LP
Bitrate: V0 VBR
Running time (h:m:s): 00:36:55
Size (mb): 64.6
Label: Meantime (defunct)
Year: 1989
Notes: Best played / burned without gaps

Mortal Terror:
1. Release (intro) / Horrible Death
2. Ignorance Kills
3. Sick Butchers
4. Die!
5. Burned Alive
6. Yankee Go Home
7. Groove Along
8. Egg
9. Burn Bernard
10. Mortal Terror

11. Feet On The Ground
12. Cracked
13. Jump
14. [...]

Try Before You Buy

Reviews of music here at OPND will now include a free downloadable track from the release, so that you can get a feel for the flavour of the whole thing. I'll do my best to select a track that sums up the overall vibe (if that's possible), notwithstanding my own subjectivity. If you like the [...]

Free Noise #5

Artist: Antidote
Title: Destroy Fascism!
Source: Vinyl 7" EP
Bitrate: V0 VBR
Running time (h:m:s): 00:12:30
Size (mb): 24.8
Label: Looney Tunes
Year: 1986

1. Education (Part 1)
2. Education (Part 2)
3. Shock! Horror!
4. There's No Need To Vote NF When There Are Twelve Tory Fascists In The Cabinet
5. Remembrance Day
6. K-2 (Indian Restaurant)
7. Irish Joke
8. We Support All Forms Of Resistance [...]

Foxy Has Left The Building

I read this today:


Legendary guitarist, Paul Fox, died at home in Uxbridge at 3AM this morning.

Over the years Paul has performed and recorded with many of the worlds greatest musicians but he will mainly be remembered for his revolutionary punk/dub reggae fusion guitar playing with influential punk [...]

Free Noise #4

Artist: La Haine / Dongfang Hong
Title: Sindrome Colonial (Underground Macau)
Source: Vinyl 7" EP
Bit rate (kbs): 320
Running time (h:m:s): 00:12:27
Size (mb): 28.5
Label: Tian An Men 89
Year: 1997
Notes: Some minor background noise

La Haine:
1. Tupac Amaru
2. Curto-circuito

Dongfang Hong:
1. The Red Killer
2. East Is Red

This is a split single featuring two bands from Macau, an island off of [...]

Free Noise #3

Artist: Various
Title: Injak Balik! (Underground Indonesia)
Source: Vinyl 7" EP
Bit rate (kbs): 320
Running time (h:m:s): 00:14:50
Size (mb): 34
Label: Tian An Men 89
Year: 1997
Notes: Some minor background noise

1. Puppen - Freedom To Defecate
2. Closeminded - Born Bad
3. Savor Of Filth - My Own Hate
4. Deadly Ground - Fear
5. Piece Of Cake - Tak Perduli
6. Runtah - [...]

Remembering Absent Friends

This Sunday, 21st October, some of the finest bands in the UK underground are gathering to pay tribute to Stig, one of our own who sadly died three years ago. It's at TJ's, Clarence Place, Newport in Wales, kick-off from 4 p.m. It's only a fiver in and all money goes to Stig's wife and [...]

Free Noise #2

Artist: The Ex / Alerta
Album: The Red Dance Package
Source: Vinyl 12" EP
Running time (h:m:s): 00:14:14
Bitrate: FLAC
Size (mb): 96.6
Label: CNT Productions (defunct)
Year: 1983

The Ex:
1. Crap-Rap
2. Long Live The Aged

1. Park Avenue
2. Violet Days

It's hard to believe that The Ex are still going strong, nearly 30 years on from their first appearance on the Dutch punk scene [...]

Noise Solution Part Two

A few posts back I told you what my all-time top ten punk albums are. To give you a fuller flavour of what I'm banging on about, I've put together a compilation with a track from each of the records (with the exception of the Pistols track, which is from the pre-NMTB, and much better [...]

Green Your Eats!

Thursday 1st November is World Vegan Day, a chance for vegans globally to show just how positive veganism is. And not just for the animals we don't kill, but also for our own wellbeing and for the health of the planet. In fact, this year the focus will be on the ecological catastrophe that is [...]