Book ‘Em, Danno!

Book flyerFollowing on from yesterday’s little exercise in improving police-community relations, I’ve branched out into literature. This flyer can be downloaded in a convenient 4-to-an-A4-sheet format ready for printing, then cut up and surreptitiously inserted into all manner of inflammatory material. These seditious publications can be found in your local library, bookshop or children’s school.

Remember, in the wrong hands, words can be deadly to the current social order, and have even been known to cause uncontrollable urges for liberty, equality, and solidarity. If we must allow people to have access to words, then we also have a responsibility to point out the perils of using them recklessly.

Grass War

Clip from Operation Griffin briefing paperIn the last couple of days, Brit cops have issued a news bulletin asking people to snitch on any ‘anarchists’ they know. Quite what they define as an anarchist beyond their cut ‘n’ paste job from Wikipedia is anyone’s guess. Local librarians who let you borrow anarchist books? Retailers (I’m looking at you, Amazon!) who will sell you anarchist books? Performances of plays by that dangerous anarchist queer Oscar Wilde? Having shared tea-making facilities for more than five people? What about babies, those natural born anarchists?

As a good citizen, I’ve knocked up this sticker design (8 to an A4 sheet) to help the Old Bill along. Download a ready-made sheet for your printer in either black and white or colour (ODT format, which will open with Open Office (free open source software) and Microsoft Word / Office) and use it widely in your community.

Cop sticker - colour

I used an open source DTP program called Scribus (latest developmental version) to lay out the sticker. And, like all of my graphics, the image was edited beforehand with GIMP (yep, you guessed it, an open source alternative to Photoshop).

Nuts To The Cuts!

The Best Cut

Click for larger printable version

It’s simple. The ongoing and proposed cuts in public services, including education, are nothing but class war. The Tories want everything in private hands, so that they and their capitalist string-pullers can bleed as much as they possibly can from us. The LibDems are happy to collaborate with their dirty work, such is their desperation for a sniff of power. And if they were back in government the Labour Party would screw us the same way they always have, slightly less violently and with a bit more lube. It should come as no surprise to anyone – when you’ve all been to the same schools, sit in the same boardrooms, have shares in the same major businesses and inhabit the same luxurious neighbourhoods, then your political ‘differences’ really are only superficial.

Other people are making the anti-cuts arguments far more eloquently than me (some with a half-brick, some with a sense of humour). But to really help put things into concrete terms, the place to check out is False Economy. Here, you can witness first-hand the very real effects of this vicious assault on individuals, families and communities. You can also add you own information and experiences to the database.

While at first glance it might seem depressing, False Economy sends out a powerful positive message – we are all under attack and we are not alone. Start to build links with others in your workplace and community who are (or soon will be) at the sharp end of the cuts. Learn from what’s happened in the past (Poll Tax anyone?) then plan and organise in whatever way you can. There is space for a whole range of tactics, from the peaceful to the confrontational. The more we vary our responses then the more people we can get involved, and the more difficult it will be for the forces of the state to deal with us.

Putting the wind up Camilla and Charlie was just the start.