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Zudas Krust / Parötid – Desire Of Destruction Split EP

Desire Of Destruction coverZudas Krust (Indonesia) / Parötid (Malaysia)

There’s some pretty brutal stuff coming out of south-east Asia at the moment, and these two outfits are keeping up the trend.

Zudas Krust deliver straight up thrashy metalcrust whilst Parötid go for the more blown-out crasher noise with reverby vocals effect (and make one hell of a noise for a two-piece combo). Whilst it’s not overly earth-shattering, these bands deliver their raw energy with both barrels. It’s infectious.

I’m always inspired by bands who manage to produce the goods (both in spirit and in quality) in societies with far more barriers to such things than we have here in the UK. Long may it continue.

OP’s opinion Three and a half anarchies

Listen / buy download (name your price) from Bandcamp, or buy the coloured limited edition or black vinyl from Not Enough Records.

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