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Intrusive Thought – S/T EP

Intrusive Thought coverIntrusive Thought
Glasgow, Scotland

If Intrusive Thought were a D-beat band, they’d be called Discordant. But there’s not a D-beat within earshot on this jaunty little number. And, to be fair, it’s not exactly discordant, although it’s definitely in the mould of the likes of Archbishop Kebab when it comes to the noise, all jerky and jumpy without losing itself in total noise […]

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Zudas Krust / Parötid – Desire Of Destruction Split EP

Desire Of Destruction coverZudas Krust (Indonesia) / Parötid (Malaysia)

There’s some pretty brutal stuff coming out of south-east Asia at the moment, and these two outfits are keeping up the trend.

Zudas Krust deliver straight up thrashy metalcrust whilst Parötid go for the more blown-out crasher noise with reverby vocals effect (and make one hell of a noise for a two-piece combo). Whilst it’s not […]

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The Astronauts – It’s Got A Garden LP

Astronauts It's Got A Garden coverThe Astronauts

It’s been twenty years since The Astronauts last bestowed a full-length album on the world. Based on what I’ve just heard, that was time well spent and well worth waiting for.

Proving, as they always have, that punk is beyond any simple musical categorisation, they’ve continued to create sounds and words that refuse to be […]

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Pepper, Peach, & Chickpea Curry

Pepper, peach, and chickpea curry

Peach? PEACH?! IN A CURRY??!!

That’s pretty much what I immediately thought when I first glanced at this recipe from the fantastic Bootstrap Cook, Jack Monroe. But then I considered that one of my favourite curries is a pathia, which is hot, sweet, and sour. So why not?

I used Jack’s recipe as the template and added a few […]

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Aquí Nos Están Matando / Here They Are Killing Us – V/A Benefit Download

Aquí Nos Están Matando coverAquí Nos Están Matando / Here They Are Killing Us – Various Artists

Released by imperecedero
Santiago, Chile

It’s been kicking off all over recently, and the proles of Chile have got stuck right in. Over the last couple of months, what started as a protest over public transport fare hikes has erupted into open conflict with […]

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Noise From Hell – V/A, Vols. 1-21 (So Far)

Noise From Hell comp coverNoise From Hell
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia / International

This is an awesome archive of noisy punk rock! Some of it’s pretty unpolished, and there’s been no attempt to balance output levels which just makes it even better IMHO. You’d better be handy with the volume control if that sort of thing bothers you.

Bands are from all over the […]

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Anarchy’s Become Another Word For “Have You Got A Vote To Spare?”

It sure feels like that right now amongst a noticeable chunk of the current UK ‘anarcho’-punk scene. I’ve been quite stunned by the number of ‘anarcho’-punks shilling for Oh Jeremy Corbyn and the treacherous Labour party. They seem to have forgotten what it’s all about.

I’ve always been shit at being governed, and I’m too long in the tooth to start now. A hundred years ago anarchists went through a lot worse, yet still pissed on the idea that voting for government was a reasonable thing for the working class […]

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Spots / Interpunkce – Split 12″

Spots / Interpunkce
Prague, Czech Republic

This is my first time with either band and it’s a sweet place to be.

Spots have been around for 25 years and, based on what I hear here, they must’ve been good and inspiring times. Whilst it may be a bit typical when it comes to the basics, they add a nice musical touch with a […]

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SlutBomb – Empathy/Apathy SP

Ohio, USA

Ripping hardcore from the get go! With almost as many chord changes as there are words crammed into each two minutes of anger, there’s no time to get bored with SlutBomb. Those words take straight aim at legitimate targets in our fucked-up capitalist society, as well as some of the reactionary tendencies still sadly too prevalent in our supposedly radical […]

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Rumours Of War – Sloganeering EP

Rumours Of War Sloganeering coverRumours Of War

They say it all sounds the same, but they’re just not listening hard enough. In this case, what you get is a fresh sound from an outfit who have, to my ears at least, more than a hint of the Astronauts in the delivery but spiked right up and soaked in rebellious spirit. The songs […]

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