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Anarchy’s Become Another Word For “Have You Got A Vote To Spare?”

It sure feels like that right now amongst a noticeable chunk of the current UK ‘anarcho’-punk scene. I’ve been quite stunned by the number of ‘anarcho’-punks shilling for Oh Jeremy Corbyn and the treacherous Labour party. They seem to have forgotten what it’s all about.

I’ve always been shit at being governed, and I’m too long in the tooth to start now. A hundred years ago anarchists went through a lot worse, yet still pissed on the idea that voting for government was a reasonable thing for the working class to do. That position stands the test of time.

A comrade puts it thus:

“To me it’s an absurd idea to give up our active resistance to be governed in order to take part in the bourgeois electoral system. Collaborating with the establishment’s electoral process goes against everything we fight for, and don’t give me the old “If you don’t vote you’re helping the Tories stay in power” bullshit. The Tories are only one cog in the big Parliamentary wheel. Government is Government whatever party it is. If we choose to reject the whole system why then should we vote for it?”


Bigger cages and longer chains is the cry of the defeated, and I refuse to give up that easily.
Not voting anarchist graphic

(This somewhat more eloquent analysis puts flesh on the bones of what I’m saying, as does this article over at Libcom.)

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