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Hallo There… How’s Life?

45 Minutes Of Revolution logoAfter taking a little (ahem) time out to get on with other things, I’m back with a fresh attitude.

First things first, I’ll no longer be uploading complete rips of my music collection and all of the old download posts have been deleted. There are various reasons, but it mostly comes down to time and commitment. Sorry about that.

On the other hand, I plan on making this blog more like a proper zine. I’ll continue with reviews, interviews, vegan recipes, and shooting my mouth off. One or two other things may also find there way onto these pages.

And the biggest change? Well, I’ve decided to start doing a regularish music mix made up of tracks from my own stuff and releases from t’internets. It’s called ’45 Minutes Of Revolution’ and aims to recreate an old-fashioned tape comp. It’ll all fit onto one side of a C90 tape and there are no track breaks, so you’ll have to fast forward the digital version to find your favourite tunes just like the old days. For all of you young people, a comp tape is like a podcast without any of the annoying talking.

So without further ado, here’s the first one, along with all the info you need to get the full punk rock mix tape experience.

Download FLAC

Download MP3

45 Minutes Of Revolution #1 cover01 – Dog On A Rope – DIY (c) – From the ‘Only Stupid Bastards Don’t Like DIY’ benefit for the 1in12 Club.

02 – Chaos UK – Police Protection (v) – From the ‘Studio Outtakes’ 7″.

03 – Anarcrust – Don’t Believe The Lies They Tell (v) – From the ‘Think Globally, Act Locally’ 2×7″ comp.

04 – Subordinate – Rust (c) – From the ‘To See Their Demise’ CDEP (download from Bandcamp).

05 – Kuru – This Blood (v) – From the ‘Breed’ 7″.

06 – State Funeral – Between Punk Rock And A Hardcore Place (v) – From the ‘Protest Music’ 7″ (listen on Bandcamp).

07 – Crass – Rival Tribal Rebel Revel (f) – From the ‘Rival Tribal Rebel Revel’ single-sided flexidisc.

08 – The Shame – The World Is Ours (v) – From the ‘The World Is Ours’ 7″.

09 – Dead City Riot – Die Hipster Scum (c) – From the ‘Die Hipster Scum Vol. 1’ CDEP (Listen / buy on their Bandcamp page).

10 – Moscow Death Brigade – Anne Frank Army Pt. II (c) – From the ‘Boltcutter’ CD (buy from Fire And Flames Music, listen on Spotify, mp3 version available from the major downloaders).

11 – Bulletridden – Oppenheimer Dreams (v) – From the ‘Air Attack / Stricken From The Record’ split 7″ with Hellkrusher (buy vinyl from Hellkrusher’s Bandcamp page).

12 – Warbastard – Black Bloc (d) – From the ‘Blood On Your Hands’ album (available as digital or tape from their Bandcamp page).

13 – Zetkin – Trenches (d) – From the ‘Vanguard’ EP (available in digital or vinyl from their Bandcamp page).

14 – The Filaments – The Verge (c) – from the ‘Look To The Skies’ album (available as digital, vinyl, or CD, from their Bandcamp page).

15 – Brain Anguish – Smells Like Middle-Aged Angst (d) – demo track (available from their Bandcamp page).

(c=compact disc, d=download, f=flexi, v=vinyl)

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