Squirty Dotters

Dirty Squatters coverIt’s been a while in the making, but the “Dirty Squatters Compilation: Music For The Homeless” project is now ready and available for download. Featuring two CDs worth of music, one full of punk / hardcore / crust / grind and the other with ska / dub / folk / spoken word, there should be plenty for every revolutionary spirit to enjoy.

The comp is dedicated to the memory of Gary DS (2000 Dirty Squatters etc.) and the family and friends who were tragically killed with him in a car crash in 2011. Gary and the band were stalwarts of the punk / squat scene and are fondly remembered by this old punk.

The minimum donation is Β£3 per disc, from which two quid goes to the two groups being supported (Punk 4 The Homeless and Squatters’ Action For Secure Homes) and the other quid towards the physical release of the comps, with any extra donations going straight to the homelessness projects. Once enough money has been raised for the pressing, you’ll also get the hard copy sent to you too (of course, this depends on enough people buying the download in the first place).

There are some mighty fine artists contributing to this, and the folks behind it have put in a lot of work to get to this point. You shouldn’t really need to think twice about clicking the download links. So don’t waste brain power, just do it.

Download part 1
Download part 2

VA – Terminal Decay LP / Artcore Fanzine #29

AKA ‘Artcore Vinyl Fanzine Volume Five’. Punk rock fixture ‘n’ fitting Welly is back with yet another broadside in his war against mediocrity in the zine scene. And he’s a veteran in every sense – this is issue #29 of the exceptional ‘Artcore‘, an organ that he’s been thrusting into the hands of grateful punks since 1986. But with the printed word becoming harder to sell to the internet masses, Welly’s risen to the challenge and occasionally produces a vinyl fanzine to bring something a bit different to the table. Like this one.

Artcore zineThe mag is as jam-packed as ever and, with Welly’s experienced eye, beautifully laid out. All of the bands on the album are covered within, some with full interviews and the rest with smaller info panels, there are a few dozen quick reviews (I wish I had the ability to be both that brief and informative), a couple of Wellian polemics (the one on ‘knowing your place’ is outstanding), a bit of ranting banter from a few mates, some history lessons (MDC and more German punk), interviews with a range of deviant types (the highlight for me has to be the one with Rob ‘The Baron’ Miller of Amebix), and all tail-ended by some lovely ’50s horror comic style artwork courtesy of Dirty Donny, who also gets to say a few words.

Crammed on to the large round thing that accompanies the mag (AKA ‘Terminal Decay’) are twenty tracks that showcase a load of new(ish) bands from across the punk spectrum who are taking punk forwards on their own terms (whilst respecting the traditions that preceded them). Like any comp, there will almost certainly be a track or two that don’t quite gel with your ears. It’s music, it’s a personal response, that’s what happens. But, to these ears, this one hits the spot far more often than not, and even the ‘worst’ of the tunes is alright.

Other great things about the comp are that the bands represent 12 countries between them, thirteen of the tracks are previously unreleased while, for two more, it’s their first vinyl outing. That’s proper old-school, when comp albums would be made up almost exclusively of new songs and / or unknown bands from all over the place.

Welly wants to keep this deal as analogue as possible, but has kindly agreed to let me upload the title track (as used in the above video). If you want to hear the rest of it (and you’d be bonkers not to), you’ll have to grab this quick.

OP’s opinion: Four half

Download ‘Terminal Decay‘ (FLAC) by Burning Sensation (on hiatus)
Visit Welly’s website
Buy from Iron Column Records

Squat The Lot!

Squatingt benefit CD poster

I’ve been using whatever remnants of knowledge and wisdom I have in my head to help a young punk put this benefit compilation together. And I’m very excited by how it’s turning out.

There are some great acts involved, covering the whole gamut of punk, ska, folk and other related noise, and they’ve all given their time and tracks for free. Things like this just reinforce why punk will always be a central part of my life and why it’s about so much more than just the music.

Stay tuned for the release date, you’ll hear it here first.

V.A. – Pogo Pope Compilation

Artist: Various Artists
Album: Pogo Pope Compilation
Date: September 2010
Genre: Punk
Codec: LAME 3.92 (mp3)
Bitrate: Mainly 320kbps (with some 192/256kbps)

Track Listing
01. Moral Majority – Dead Kennedys (from In God We Trust)
02. Arise – Amebix (from Redux EP)
03. The Evil Clergyman – Rudimentary Peni (from Cacophony)
04. Cast Out – Cross Stitched Eyes (from Coranach)
05. Religious Wars – Subhumans (from Religious Wars EP)
06. So What – Crass (from Feeding Of The 5,000)
07. Church And State – MDC. (from Millions Of Dead Cops)
08. Jesus Youth – Th’ Inbred (from Family Affair)
09. Anti Christ – Alternative (from In Nomine Patri EP)
10. Prayer Of A Realist – G.B.H. (from City Baby Attacked By Rats)
11. Fear Of God – Amebix (from Arise)
12. Army Of Jesus – Rudimentary Peni (from Death Church)
13. Religious Vomit – Dead Kennedys (from In God We Trust)
14. Asylum – Crass (from Feeding Of The 5,000)
15. God Has Gone Wrong Again – Blyth Power (from A Little Touch Of Harry)
16. Satan Youth – Th’ Inbred (from Family Affair)
17. Blasphemy Squad – Rudimentary Peni (from Death Church)
18. Onward Christian Soldiers-Icons Of Filth (Onward Christian Soldiers)
19. Belief – Heresy (from Split LP with Concrete Sox)
20. No Religion – D.R.I. (from Crossover)
21. The Church Is For Sinners – Amebix (from No Sanctuary)
22. Millions Of Damn Christians – MDC (from Millions Of Damn Christians)
23. Bar-B-Q Pope – Butthole Surfers (from Butthole Surfers)
24. Anti-Pope – The Damned (from Machine Gun Etiquette)
25. Pogo Pope – Rudimentary Peni (from Pope Adrian 37th Psychristiatric)
26. Come To The Sabbat – Propagandhi (from Supporting Caste)

To celebrate the pope’s visit to the UK I’ve put together a nice little selection of punk tracks that are related to religion in one way or another. As for me, I’m what is known as an explicit atheist. To put it simply, I have made a conscious decision about my non-belief in a creator or god. I have never found a single shred of evidence or facts regarding the existence of a higher being and if you consider some of the other theories that explain how life can exist I cannot see any reason for believing in a god. Obviously this is just what I believe to be true and I don’t wish to denigrate anyone’s own beliefs. If someone finds their religion a comfort or a moral guidance then that is their choice. It’s just not for me πŸ™‚ I’ve included a couple of bonus bits with the download but you’ll have to download the file to find out what they are πŸ™‚ Enjoy.