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Noise From Hell – V/A, Vols. 1-21 (So Far)

Noise From Hell comp coverNoise From Hell
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia / International

This is an awesome archive of noisy punk rock! Some of it’s pretty unpolished, and there’s been no attempt to balance output levels which just makes it even better IMHO. You’d better be handy with the volume control if that sort of thing bothers you.

Bands are from all over the […]

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Löckheed – 4 Track Demo

Löckheed – 4 Track Demo coverLöckheed
Santa Rosa, California, USA

Now this is the right way to introduce yourself to the world of online noise. Löckheed take a solid D-beat sound, throw in a bit of crusty crasherness for good measure, and churn out something chunkier that a jumper knitted by your nan. And, like a good nan jumper, it’s both comfortable and a bit different.


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Hallo There… How’s Life?

45 Minutes Of Revolution logoAfter taking a little (ahem) time out to get on with other things, I’m back with a fresh attitude.

First things first, I’ll no longer be uploading complete rips of my music collection and all of the old download posts have been deleted. There are various reasons, but it mostly comes down to time and commitment. Sorry about that.

On the other hand, I plan on making this blog more like a proper zine. I’ll continue […]

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Merry Masscrust

When I got a bit of cash from my mum at Xmas, there was nothing I really wanted or needed at the time, so I decided to wait a bit for the right moment for it to play its part in the capitalist mode of exchange.

Extinction Of Mankind coloured vinylThat moment came in late February, when I was perusing the fine wares available at Profane Existence. I’d forgotten that they had decided to produce a ‘Vinyl Retentive’ series featuring special limited […]

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And For My Next Trick…

Ghost Buffalo 'The Magician' sleeveAnother one of my favourite micro-labels, Suburban Home, is offering their latest release, Ghost Buffalo’s ‘The Magician’, as a free download to the first 200 people to click the link in the post. They’re keen for people to hear it, hopefully like it, spread the word, and maybe buy a copy and encourage others to do so too.

Suburban Home are a quirky little outfit with close personal ties to ‘their’ artists, and obviously have a deep love […]

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All Guns Blazing

Fighting Chance – Sacrifice And Struggle (ltd. edition package)
Insurgence Records

Fighting ChanceAs I’ve probably said more than once before, I like to get my music delivered through the post. Not only does it mean I usually deal direct with the label or band, it’s cheaper, there are often freebies and, most importantly, I love getting a parcel through the letterbox when I least expect it.

This past weekend was no exception. My friendly postie knocked the door and, with her […]

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