New Punk News Blog

Fellow punk Alex Distro-y has started a blog dedicated to listing all of the latest releases from the punk world, as well as other relevant news, events and so on. I don’t know exactly what Alex’s definition of punk for this particular site is but, from what I know of him, I’m guessing he’s on a similar wavelength to me (anarcho/radical covering all styles but maybe with a soft spot for d-beat judging from the title).

So go and check out D-Beat Beater and keep your ear close to the underground.

Full Tossers

It’s been a busy weekend. Friday and Saturday saw me catching up with mates from near and far, nothing too hectic but still requiring me to be a bit of a social butterfly.

Then came Sunday night, spent in the company of Geoffrey Oi!Cott, Valdez, Spiteful Way (their last ever gig, boo!) and some other scallywags at my local, which finished at late o’clock. All bands put on a damned fine show, especially the Oi!Cotts – funny as fuck and very tongue-in-cheek. If you like good old-fashioned working-class alehouse humour, don’t mind lyrics that would offend the prissy middle classes, and have a penchant for cricket, you need to go and see this band.

The gig was a low-key benefit, split between a Brazilian streetkids football project (run by some like-minded friends in São Paulo that a few of the pub team will be visiting and playing in the next couple of weeks) and Bristol Antifa. We were only asking for donations and, after paying a few costs, made about £150 in total. Not bad at all.

The bands joined in fully with the bank holiday madness at the pub, including helping judge a bake-off by the netball team (which basically involved eating shitloads of the finest home-made cakes). The creative confectionary and subsequent scoffing of it raised £104, which is also going to the streetkids fund.

And everyone helped support the local economy by purchasing many gallons of fine beers, ciders and lagers at the best pub in the world (no ‘probably’ about it). The only exception to this was yours truly, who was the designated driver / voice of reason for the night. I managed to fulfil half of my role.

Today was spent helping round up the various northern types, after sending them off in the early hours to the tender care of several Cowboys & Girls for ‘sleep’. Everyone then headed out to the cricket pitch for a hangover-curing session at the crease (or watching from the warm comfort of the clubhouse bar for the less-athletically / more-alcoholically inclined). The Oi!Cotts had enlisted the aid of a few 1-in-12‘ers and the ex-guitarist of Anti-System to make up their side, while the Cowboys put out their usual blend of ne’er-do-wells, social rejects and a gimp. After a lot of tossing of balls, waving of wood, incomprehensible scribing (also known as the Score Book) and witchcraft, the Cowboys were adjudged to have won.

All agreed that a mighty fine time was had and that the event should become an annual affair. Here’s to next year!

The Aural Equivalent Of Sniffing Glass*

Random webtrawling occasionally throws up the odd piece of interesting flotsam amongst all the detritus. Today I found just such a ‘gem’. Well, maybe gem is too strong a word, but Mobile Sonic Warfare Unit certainly live up to their name and their mission statement:

MOBILE SONIC WARFARE UNIT exists solely to agitate and aggravate the civilian population of the United States of America. They perform improvised noise concerts on a moment’s notice, usually in an inappropriate setting (e.g: coffee house, golf course, church). Their instrumentation varies from set to set but it often involves computers or synthesizers, as these are most compact and easy to flee a scene with. They will play until their unsuspecting victims force them to stop. Mainly, they are an attempt to condition the lazy, apathetic, indecisive American public to react willingly, readily, and as a whole against anything that may cross them for the worse.

Also, they want your money.

If I was sat in a cafe with an LCT (lovely cuppa tea) and this lot started up, they’d soon be wearing it. But I’d be highly amused too. It may be horrendously unlistenable once you’ve been subjected to more than a minute’s worth, but you’ve got to admire the sheer punk attitude of the whole enterprise.

*Ten bonus I-Spy Punk Points for the first person who can identify the author of the original quote I bastardised for this heading and the band s/he was referring to.

Won’t Somebody Please Think Of The Children?!

On a slightly-different-but-still-related tack to the post directly below, we had another international sports-and-socialising tournament over the August bank holiday earlier this year to celebrate our club’s 15th birthday. Over a thousand people turned up for a weekend of ball-related madness, musical shenanigans and the freak show known as ‘Shame Academy’.

My personal responsibility this time round was to get a team of young(ish) Lithuanians that I’d stumbled across over here. The total cost to bring 15 of ’em to Devon from Vilnius was about £1500 so, armed with my trusty sidekick Punky, we smiled sweetly and persuaded some sympathetic friends to put on a few benefit gigs and DJ nights, took full advantage of practical help and freebies directed our way, and accepted kind offers of money from events organised by our sporting friends Red Star Bedminster and Lunatics FC. Punky also decided to come up with something himself.

His ‘something’ turned out to be a rather fine (and slightly controversial with a few of the gentler / parenting Cowfolk) t-shirt that raised about two-thirds of what we needed on its own. If anyone’s interested, a few are still available for a tenner each and the cash will be used to help buy the Lithuanians an ethically-sourced team kit. Let me know if you want one and we’ll sort something out.

The infamous t-shirt
Risqué apparel (front and back)

Needless to say, our proto-capitalist enterprises worked out and the Lithualiens (as we quickly renamed ’em) were a lovely bunch indeed, so much so that a few of us are trooping out to Vilnius next spring to spend a few days there as their guests.

A fine weekend of fun and frolics was had by all concerned and the obligatory transvestism was top-notch. I’ve uploaded my fave pics of the debauchery elsewhere, so take a look if you’ve got a strong constitution and don’t mind images of men dressed as ladies and vice-versa.