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Intrusive Thought – S/T EP

Intrusive Thought coverIntrusive Thought
Glasgow, Scotland

If Intrusive Thought were a D-beat band, they’d be called Discordant. But there’s not a D-beat within earshot on this jaunty little number. And, to be fair, it’s not exactly discordant, although it’s definitely in the mould of the likes of Archbishop Kebab when it comes to the noise, all jerky and jumpy without losing itself in total noise (far from it, in fact).

Cheeky little guitar runs mix it up with chunky basslines and drums that aren’t too far forward in the mix but do the job well. The vocalist sounds like he’s swallowed a bags of nails just to make himself even angrier. About what I’m not quite sure (c’mon bands, put your lyrics up!), but I’m certain he’s got plenty of things to choose from. It’s a DIY live in a room recording, which sort of shows (and which I love), but there’s plenty of polish to the final product.

OP’s opinion Four anarchies

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