The Kids Are Alright

Randy (of Insurgence and Rebel Time) has recently been spreading the word about a bunch of young upstarts collectively known as The Class War Kids. Having checked out the tracks that Randy’s posted on one of his blogs, I know why he’s so keen. They’re very, very good.

In an email to Randy I […]

Beardies And Baldies Against Bombs

A couple of mates of mine, Beardy Rob (aka Robert) and Ratty (aka Richard) are doing a great (and knackering just to think about) thing – they’re cycling from Land’s End to John O’ Groats (about 1000 miles) to raise money for the Mines Advisory Group. For those who don’t know, MAG works to clear […]

Civilised Society? – Scrap Metal LP

Artist: Civilised Society? Title: Scrap Metal Source: Vinyl 12″ LP Format: FLAC Running time (h:m:s): 00:43:04 Size (mb): 94.1 Label: Manic Ears Records (defunct) Year: 1986

1. Is There Life After Work? 2. Tonight 3. Carefree 4. Pansies 5. Blotting Paper For Breakfast 6. Don’t Leave Me Now 7. The Fairer Sex 8. Just A […]