The Kids Are Alright

Randy (of Insurgence and Rebel Time) has recently been spreading the word about a bunch of young upstarts collectively known as The Class War Kids. Having checked out the tracks that Randy’s posted on one of his blogs, I know why he’s so keen. They’re very, very good.

The Class War Kids

In an email to Randy I described ’em as having “a great street-punk sound with just a hint of melodic hardcore – kinda The Restarts meet early Propagandhi”, and he didn’t disagree. But that’s not really to do ’em the full justice they deserve. TCWK get stuck in on their own terms without any problem whatsoever. I’m just trying to give you a vague reference point to start from.

You’ve got your reference point, now head to Rebel Time and feel the noise. And keep an eye out for their forthcoming CD. It should be a belter.

UPDATE: the band have happily agreed to let me share a few tracks with you lot, so now you don’t even have to leave the comforting smell of OPND to grab ’em. Nice one Kids! Thanks also to Randy for making this possible, much appreciated mate. Go pay him and them a visit and say hello.

OP’s opinion: Five

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Beardies And Baldies Against Bombs

Beardy Rob and Ratty ready for action!A couple of mates of mine, Beardy Rob (aka Robert) and Ratty (aka Richard) are doing a great (and knackering just to think about) thing – they’re cycling from Land’s End to John O’ Groats (about 1000 miles) to raise money for the Mines Advisory Group. For those who don’t know, MAG works to clear land mines and other weapons from areas of conflict so that people don’t get blown to bits, as well as working closely with communities in the affected areas:

MAG moves into current and former conflict zones to clear the remnants of those conflicts, enabling recovery and assisting the development of affected populations. MAG consults with local communities and works to lessen the threat of death and injury, while releasing reclaimed and safe land and other vital resources back to the local population, helping countries to rebuild and develop their social and economic potential.

Beardy Rob is a Turbojugend fiend, responsible for all manner of camp leather-and-denim madness, and Ratty is the semi-retired guitarist from legendary-in-their-own-lunchtimes Bristol hardcore loons The Herb Garden. They’re funding the trip themselves and all the sponsorship money they raise will go straight to MAG to help them continue their invaluable campaigns.

I’ve given away a lot of free music here and it’s rare that I ask for something in return but, on this occasion, I’m asking anyone who reads this to give up a couple of pints and throw a few quid into the bucket for this worthy cause. If you can’t make an online donation, drop me an email and I’ll sort something out with you. You’ve only got to give up a beer to do your bit, others literally put their lives on the line to carry out this vital work.

Innocent people shouldn’t have stumps where their arms and legs should be just because others decide to go to war.

Image © Sean Sutton/MAG

Civilised Society? – Scrap Metal LP

Artist: Civilised Society?
Title: Scrap Metal
Source: Vinyl 12″ LP
Format: FLAC
Running time (h:m:s): 00:43:04
Size (mb): 94.1
Label: Manic Ears Records (defunct)
Year: 1986

1. Is There Life After Work?
2. Tonight
3. Carefree
4. Pansies
5. Blotting Paper For Breakfast
6. Don’t Leave Me Now
7. The Fairer Sex
8. Just A Dream
9. Last Cough Last Laugh
10. Will We Fall?
11. Star Wars
12. It’s Getting Worse

Keeping my side of the bargain with Malisha (of Röckin’ Nöiz fame), here’s the first album from Civilised Society?, in all its metal-tinged punk glory. The production on this record is great, acid-sharp guitars and thunderous drums balanced perfectly with the triple-pronged vocals. The only criticism I can make is that it’s a bit simple lyrically in places, but you can blame that on youthful ignorance and a desire to get the message out rather than spend time with a dictionary. The long hair was always slightly offputting too, but that’s just me (apologies to any hairies reading this).

OP’s opinion: Three half

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