100 Not Out

So I’ve made it to my century post. Hurrah! Thanks for hanging around, and I hope you’ve not been too disappointed. I’ve actually quite enjoyed myself, despite periodically not actually doing anything very much at all here.

Anyway, it’s got me thinking afresh about this here blogging lark, and my occasional inabilty (hah!) to get my lazy arse into gear to actually, you know, write something.

So I’ve come up with a cunning plan.

On the first Monday of every month (or thereabouts, if something else really exciting actually happens on the day, like a revolution at my back door), starting with March, I will be putting up one or several posts that will (probably) include a downloadable delight or two from back in the day, reviews and downloadable samples of more recent stuff that you can still actually purchase for not very much money at all in the grand scheme of things, vegan recipes and maybe a few other odds n’ sods. Having said that, chances are I’ll still post bits n’ bobs in-between times if anything warrants it.

The way I figure it is, there’s now a deadline that’s actually very user-friendly for your almost terminally apathetic author to work towards, and you’ve actually got some idea of when something might actually happen here that’s actually worth 30 seconds of your day.