Culinary Anarchy!

The Conscious Kitchen I found this blog via the rather excellent VegBlogs (another new blogroll addition that collects a fine set of vegan bloggers together in one handy place). It’s a cracking piece of work too, with Emilie (the author) showing just how exciting and flavoursome vegan food can, and should, be. Her blog is […]

Chili Bean Spread

Another cheap n’ cheerful spread that can be made in minutes from things that are probably lurking in your larder and fridge.

1 400g (approx) tin kidney beans, rinsed and drained 2 tsp tomato purée 1 tsp harissa (or just use another tsp of tomato purée) 1 tbs paprika powder 1-2 cloves garlic, crushed 1/2 […]

Music Mashup #1

01 – Supporting Caste (Propagandhi – Supporting Caste) 02 – PC Idiots (Stage Bottles – (We Need A) New Flag) 03 – Your World (Hellshock – Only The Dead Know The End Of War) 04 – Apathy And Fear (Extinction Of Mankind – The Nightmare Seconds) 05 – Stories of Old (The 241ers – Murderers) […]