D&V – Inspiration LP / Nearest Door EP

Artist: D&V
Ripped: Ernest Embryo
Bitrate: FLAC or 320kbps

Release Details: The Nearest Door EP (1983 on Crass Records)
Track Listing
A1. Jekyll And Hyde
A2. Wake Up
A3. High Above
A4. Today’s Conclusion
B1. Step Inside
B2. Dignity
B3. S21RN

Release Details: Inspiration Gave Them The Motivation To Move On Out Of Their Isolation (1985 on Crass Records)
Track Listing
A1. Get Around Sound
A2. Al Sithi
A3. Waiting
A4. Goodbye 23 (School Rule Blues)
A5. Unstable Table
A6. Winter Warmer
A7. A New New Beginning
A8. Epsilon Estate
B1. Don’t Ever Give In (The Reason Is Within…)
B2. The Present Situation
B3. A Light Hearted Account
B4. The New Beginning
B5. Epsilon
B6. Sometimes
B7. Tomorrow Is Here

Here’s a rip of both releases by D&V on Crass Records. D&V only consisted of Andy Leach on drums and Jef Antcliffe on vocals, hence the name D&V (Drums & Vocals). This download consists of The Nearest Door EP which was released in 1983 and the hugely titled album Inspiration Gave Them The Motivation To Move On Out Of Their Isolation which was released in 1985. I hadn’t heard the album in about 20 years and I was pretty surprised at how much I enjoyed it when I ripped it. The backing tracks were arranged and played by Penny Rimbaud using samples built up from vocal and percussive sources and the vocals of Eve Libertine & Joy de Vivre. Frankly it’s pretty experimental in places but considering it’s basically drums & vocals they’ve done a really good job.

The downloads are in either FLAC or 320kbps format so just grab whichever one you want. Enjoy.

(07 NOV 2012) UPDATE:
The links have been updated to use netkups or rapidshare now (I’ve been banned from mediafire ;)) so they should be OK.

FLAC Format

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320 MP3 Format

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V.A. – Grindcore Collection

Artist: Various Artists
Album: Grindcore Collection
Mixed: Ernest Embryo
Date: November 2010
Genre: Grindcore/Crust
Codec: LAME 3.92 (mp3)
Bit rate: Nothing less than 192kbps

Track Listing
01. Dead Battery – Agoraphobic Nosebleed
02. Rot – Hatred Surge
03. Time To Act – Nasum
04. Timelord Zero (Chronovore) – Agoraphobic Nosebleed
05. Yawning God – Cretin
06. Conference Call Immolation – Watchmaker
07. Cheerleader Corpses – Pig Destroyer
08. Nazi Punks Fuck Off – Napalm Death
09. Genocide – Heresy
10. Blood And Circus – Nausea
11. Drug Me – Sepultura
12. Information Superlost Highway – Agoraphobic Nosebleed
13. Cold – Caustic Christ
14. Corporation Pull-In – Terrorizer
15. Your Turn Next – Concrete Sox
16. Chickens – Electro Hippies
17. Stench Of Death – Raw Noise
18. You Will Be Shot – Naked City
19. Spray Paint The Walls – Remembering Never
20. Christianity Regurgitater – Agathocles
21. Moral Distortion – Agoraphobic Nosebleed
22. Function Function – Beecher
23. Slaughtercult – Exhumed
24. Follow Suit – Heresy
25. I Hate People – Nasum
26. Fucktoy – Brutal Truth
27. Each Day A New Low – Concrete Sox
28. Systems Shit – Extreme Noise Terror
29. Mentally Murdered – Napalm Death
30. Die And Get The Fuck Out Of The Way – Agoraphobic Nosebleed
31. Euphoric State Of Butchery – Regurgitate
32. Old And Tired – Hatred Surge
33. Fuckable – Carnival In Coal
34. Another Needs To Be Fed – Agathocles
35. Sadists – Concrete Sox
36. Slithering Maceration Of Ulcerous Facial Tissue – General Surgery
37. Scarlet Hourglass – Pig Destroyer
38. Butchers – Nausea
39. Meltdown – Electro Hippies
40. And If – The Distance
41. Unleash The Bastards – Municipal Waste
42. Pestilent Decay – Repulsion
43. Blank Stare – Caustic Christ
44. Negative Appeal – Insect Warfare
45. Agorapocalypse Now – Agoraphobic Nosebleed
46. Today’s World – Concrete Sox

Here’s another compilation for your listening pleasure. This one’s a selection of various different grindcore bands though there’s also a bit of crust mixed in as well. Though whatever genre you want to call it this is all full on, blazing fast, brutal hardcore. Not for the faint hearted πŸ™‚

Grindcore is an extreme genre of music that started in the early to mid 1980s. It draws inspiration from some of the most abrasive music genres – including death metal, industrial music, noise and the more extreme varieties of hardcore punk.

It goes on for around 70 minutes so it should fit onto a CD if you want to burn yourself a copy.

Enjoy πŸ™‚



V.A. – Pogo Pope Compilation

Artist: Various Artists
Album: Pogo Pope Compilation
Date: September 2010
Genre: Punk
Codec: LAME 3.92 (mp3)
Bitrate: Mainly 320kbps (with some 192/256kbps)

Track Listing
01. Moral Majority – Dead Kennedys (from In God We Trust)
02. Arise – Amebix (from Redux EP)
03. The Evil Clergyman – Rudimentary Peni (from Cacophony)
04. Cast Out – Cross Stitched Eyes (from Coranach)
05. Religious Wars – Subhumans (from Religious Wars EP)
06. So What – Crass (from Feeding Of The 5,000)
07. Church And State – MDC. (from Millions Of Dead Cops)
08. Jesus Youth – Th’ Inbred (from Family Affair)
09. Anti Christ – Alternative (from In Nomine Patri EP)
10. Prayer Of A Realist – G.B.H. (from City Baby Attacked By Rats)
11. Fear Of God – Amebix (from Arise)
12. Army Of Jesus – Rudimentary Peni (from Death Church)
13. Religious Vomit – Dead Kennedys (from In God We Trust)
14. Asylum – Crass (from Feeding Of The 5,000)
15. God Has Gone Wrong Again – Blyth Power (from A Little Touch Of Harry)
16. Satan Youth – Th’ Inbred (from Family Affair)
17. Blasphemy Squad – Rudimentary Peni (from Death Church)
18. Onward Christian Soldiers-Icons Of Filth (Onward Christian Soldiers)
19. Belief – Heresy (from Split LP with Concrete Sox)
20. No Religion – D.R.I. (from Crossover)
21. The Church Is For Sinners – Amebix (from No Sanctuary)
22. Millions Of Damn Christians – MDC (from Millions Of Damn Christians)
23. Bar-B-Q Pope – Butthole Surfers (from Butthole Surfers)
24. Anti-Pope – The Damned (from Machine Gun Etiquette)
25. Pogo Pope – Rudimentary Peni (from Pope Adrian 37th Psychristiatric)
26. Come To The Sabbat – Propagandhi (from Supporting Caste)

To celebrate the pope’s visit to the UK I’ve put together a nice little selection of punk tracks that are related to religion in one way or another. As for me, I’m what is known as an explicit atheist. To put it simply, I have made a conscious decision about my non-belief in a creator or god. I have never found a single shred of evidence or facts regarding the existence of a higher being and if you consider some of the other theories that explain how life can exist I cannot see any reason for believing in a god. Obviously this is just what I believe to be true and I don’t wish to denigrate anyone’s own beliefs. If someone finds their religion a comfort or a moral guidance then that is their choice. It’s just not for me πŸ™‚ I’ve included a couple of bonus bits with the download but you’ll have to download the file to find out what they are πŸ™‚ Enjoy.



V.A. – The ABC Of Anarchy

Artist: Various Artists
Album: The ABC Of Anarchy
Year: August 2010
Genre: Anarcho Punk
Codec: LAME 3.92 (mp3)
Bitrate: 320K/s 44100Hz Joint Stereo
Notes: Even though the download is in 320kbps not all the originals were. It’s nothing major, just letting you know.

Track Listing
01) Tortured And Abused [Antisect]
02) Riot Style [Bored]
03) Berkshire Cunt [Conflict]
04) Unemployment [DIRT]
05) Operation Successful [Exit Stance]
06) Poem / Tube Disasters [Flux Of Pink Indians]
07) Time Bomb [G.B.H.]
08) Cosmetic Plague [Human Error]
09) Success On A Plate [Icons Of Filth]
10) Banned From The Roxy [Jeffrey Lewis]
11) It’s Our World Too [Karma Sutra]
12) Sea Of Desecration [Legion Of Parasites]
13) Another Day, Another Death [The Mob]
14) One Step Forward [Naked]
15) Man Made [Omega Tribe]
16) Jump Mama Jump [Poison Girls]
17) Q: And Children? A: And Children. [Discharge]
18) B Ward [Rudimentary Peni]
19) Rats [Subhumans]
20) Police Brutality [Toxik Ephex]
21) Tube Disasters (Flux Cover) [UK Subs]
22) Indo-China (Crucifix Cover) [Varukers]
23) Fuck The System (X.S. Cover) [Wat Tyler]
24) Fuck The System [X.S.]
25) Power [Youthanasia]
26) Fear (Live) [Zounds]

Here’s another compilation for your listening pleasure. This one is an ‘ABC’ of anarcho punk bands. I did have a nice idea for the track list but it all went a bit tits up at the letter Q so I’ve had to use a little artistic license πŸ˜‰ This is actually all mixed together into one big mp3 file. Unfortunately I couldn’t use my decks as I don’t have all the vinyl so it was done on my laptop using Audacity, a free audio editor. It goes on for around an hour and I’ve included some covers if you want to burn yourself a copy.


VA – Who? What? Why? When? Where?

Artist : Various Artists
Album : Who? What? Why? When? Where?
Label : Mortarhate Records
Catalog# : MORT 4
Source : Vinyl
Year : March 1984
Genre : Anarcho Punk
Codec : FLAC
ID3-Tag : ID3v2.3

Track Listing
1. Cruise… [Conflict] (1:55)
2. It’ll Be Alright On The Night [Anthrax] (2:11)
3. It’s Our World Too [Karma Sutra] (2:10)
4. Untitled [Moet The Poet] (3:38)
5. Capital City [Sub Squad] (2:04)
6. Hey You [Chaos] (1:35)
7. Mankind Murders [Stigma] (1:41)
8. Remote Control [Toxic Shock] (3:59)
9. It’s No Crime [Vex] (3:04)
10. Operation Successful [Exit-Stance] (1:47)
11. The Offending Article [Poison Girls] (4:33)
12. New Winter [Know The Drill] (3:55)
13. The Youth Are To Blame [Death Zone] (2:01)
14. The Wait [Lost Cherrees] (2:32)
15. Private 999 [Sixteen Guns] (2:03)
16. Stupid [Icons Of Filth] (3:17)
17. Animal Crimes [The Mad Are Sane] (3:46)
18. For The Ferrymen [Hagar The Womb] (2:15)

Here’s another compilation I’ve recently recorded from the original vinyl.

This collection of anarchist and “human rights” punk bands from the UK is a strong, varied, and provocative selection, one that should be of major interest to hardcore aficionados. It’s somewhat uneven, as are most samplers, but the brilliant track by Conflict stands out, and is almost matched by those of some surprising new groups (text from Kill From The Heart).

Download Who What Why When Where (from Mediafire)
Download Who What Why When Where (from Megaupload)
Download Who What Why When Where (Torrent file)
Note: The mediafire/megaupload links are mp3 files at 256kbps. The torrent file is for the FLAC version.

World & US Punk Compilations

Seeing as this is my first post on the Old Punks site I thought I’d try and make it a good one. This is a ‘2 disc’ compilation of world and US punk bands and most of the tracks are from the early 80s. The bands on the ‘world’ disc are from various countries around the globe and are mainly anarcho-punk but there are some other styles as well. As you can probably guess the US disc contains the bands from the U.S. and Canada and is more from the hardcore side of things but again it’s not exclusively hardcore.

Each collection should fit onto a single CD if you want to burn yourself a copy and I’ve even included some covers πŸ™‚

I hope you enjoy it and if you’ve got any comments then post them here.

World Punk Comp Track List:

01) Endless Blockades For The Pussy Footer [GISM]
02) Onward Christian Soldiers [Icons Of Filth]
03) Knife Edge [G.B.H]
04) Ataque [Kangrena]
05) Pay For Shit [Pandemonium]
06) Riot Style [Bored]
07) No Scapegoat [Varukers]
08) Conflict [Conflict]
09) Democracy [DIRT]
10) Sustain The Orgy [Concrete Sox]
11) Choice Of A New Generation [Brutal Truth]
12) Man (Reproduce) [Reality Control]
13) Manipulated Youth [Polemic Attack]
14) Complete Disorder [Disorder]
15) Mai Arrendersi [Wretched]
16) Discord In B Ward [Rudimentary Peni]
17) Some Of Us Scream [Flux Of Pink Indians]
18) The Man Goes On [Impact]
19) The Greatest American Zero [BGK]
20) Stench Of Death [Raw Noise]
21) Non Mi Dire [Negazione]
22) Drug Me [Sepultura]
23) Hallo There, How’s Life? [Antisect]
24) Wipe Out [Stupids]
25) Finale [The Execute]
26) Nazi Punks Fuck Off [Napalm Death]
27) Nuclear Attack [Mob 47]
28) Drugs Of Youth [Subhumans]
29) Fight Back [Discharge]
30) Belief [Heresy]
31) Death To Humanity [Riot/Clone]
32) You’ll Never Own Me [Chaos U.K]
33) Curfew [Amebix]
34) Greetings From Poland [Dezerter]
35) Sea Of Desecration [Legion Of Parasites]
36) Hoax [Malinheads]
37) Rival Tribal Revel Rebel [Crass]
38) The Big Hurt [Meatfly]
39) Systems Shit [Extreme Noise Terror]
40) Moment By Moment [Zenzile]

US Punk Comp Track List:

01) Modest Proposal [Youth Brigade]
02) Things To Do Today [Scream]
03) The Prisoner [DOA]
04) Dead Rock & Rollers [Detention]
05) Earth AD [Misfits]
06) Final War [Agnostic Front]
07) Ha Ha Ha [Flipper]
08) Battlefield [Iconoclast]
09) Jesus Youth [Th’Inbred]
10) She Knew She’d Lose [Out Of Order]
11) Well Paid Scientist [Dead Kennedys]
12) Beastie Boys [Beastie Boys]
13) Straight On [7 Seconds]
14) Gacy’s Place [Mentally Ill]
15) You Will Be Shot [Naked City]
16) Silence [Septic Death]
17) Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs [Minutemen]
18) Time Will Tell [Cause For Alarm]
19) Real World [Husker Du]
20) No Pity [Toxic Reasons]
21) Fabulous Day [False Prophets]
22) Straight Edge [Minor Threat]
23) Kick You [JFA]
24) Drop The A Bomb [ODFX]
25) Up Against A Wall [Articles Of Faith]
26) Police Story [Black Flag]
27) Jesus Entering From The Rear [Feederz]
28) Spiritual Law [DI]
29) Peace Of What [Trash]
30) Democracy Spawns Bad Taste [Crucifucks]
31) Face Down In The Dirt [Offenders]
32) Corporate Deathburger [MDC]
33) Fun Again [Half Japanese]
34) Paid Vacation [Circle Jerks]
35) Melons Rising [Meat Puppets]
36) Pay To Cum [Bad Brains]
37) The Ladder [Painkiller]
38) Break In [Fugazi]
39) Simple Minds [Dag Nasty]
40) Marriage [DRI]

All the tracks are 256kbps mp3 files.

Download World Punk comp pt. 1
Download World Punk comp pt.2

Download US Punk comp pt.1
Download US Punk comp pt.2