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Public Service Announcement

My mate Rich stuck this in the comments but I thought it would get a bit more attention here. So if you're in the southern England area and want a top night out amongst some friendly craggy faces, you could do a lot worse than shuffle into these boozers on the dates shown.

Sunday 2nd March

S.T.E. [...]

Frogs Of Yore

I'm guessing that one or two of my regular readers will be familiar with the Tofu Love Frogs, one of the many marvellous bands of minstrels that first appeared on the free festival scene in the late 80's and early 90's. If hearing the name brings back a flash of recognition amongst your acid-addled brains, [...]

Better Read Than Dead

The other day I spotted what could well turn out to be the bargain of the year, an annual sub of £18 for six issues of Profane Existence (via Active Rebellion, their UK distributor). The last time I picked up a copy of this, it was still a newspaper. Now it's a proper magazine with [...]

A-Heads - Dying Man 7" EP

Artist: A-Heads
Title: Dying Man
Source: Vinyl 7" EP
Bitrate: FLAC
Running time (h:m:s): 00:16:50
Size (mb): 19.3
Label: TW Records (defunct)
Year: 1982

1. Dying Man
2. Hell Cell
3. Changing Places

This was the first vinyl release from these Wessex punkers (see previous post for more info). The tunes are nice and melodic, with the darker-toned lyrics adding that classic anarcho melancholy we all [...]