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Better Read Than Dead

PE55 coverThe other day I spotted what could well turn out to be the bargain of the year, an annual sub of £18 for six issues of Profane Existence (via Active Rebellion, their UK distributor). The last time I picked up a copy of this, it was still a newspaper. Now it’s a proper magazine with a glossy full-colour cover artfully containing the acid-free paper inside (for the collector obsessives amongst us).

As well as an insightful article on water and global politics, there are some great interviews (including one with The Fallout, a top bunch of Canuck antifascists), a couple of pages of tongue-tickling vegan winter warmer recipes, a few dozen column inches from the columnists, oodles of reviews and a bundle of classy punk rock graphics.

Not only that, but each issue comes with a free compilation CD – the latest edition (#55) has 26 tracks of finest political punk rock, from Anthrax (the original UK punkers, not the hairy metallers, natch) to Wolfbrigade. Being PE, it leans towards the crusty d-beat end of things (which suits me just fine), but there should be enough variety in the noise to put a smile on your face at some point. Highlight of the current one for this old punk is a a cover of ‘The Darkest Hour’ (originally by The Amebix, but -10 punk points if you didn’t know that already) by Garmonbozia.

Not only that, but PE are also going to be giving away one of their new releases free with each issue to subscribers. #55 comes with the Murder Disco Experience discography, which sells for a fiver plus postage on its own. The next couple will include noise from State Of The Union and Disgusting Lies.

So, for three quid, you get a top quality magazine packed with words worth shouting, two CDs crammed with cacophony, and a satisfying glow knowing that you’re helping the PE crew stay active.


OP’s opinion: Five

Download sample track – ‘Y.A.S.S.A.W. (Yet another Simple Song About War)’ by Murder Disco Experience (appears on both CDs)

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