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Averting Tragedy

Moshpit Tragedy, purveyors of the mighty Amebix and other worthy noise merchants, are having a few problems with their old web URL. So they've bought a new one - - which will be their permanent home from now on. And they're asking their friends to spread the word. So there ya go.

They're working on [...]

Rebel Yell

It's nice to know that my efforts here have a positive knock-on effect elsewhere - just check out this email I received yesterday:

Hey, Randy from Insurgence Records here, hope this finds you doing well. Just wanted to say 'Thanks!' for the kind words you've written about Insurgence on the blog. It's very much appreciated...honestly, blurbs [...]

Twenty Fifth Of May - Lenin & McCarthy CD

Artist: Twenty Fifth Of May
Title: Lenin & McCarthy
Source: CD LP
Format: FLAC
Running time (h:m:s): 00:46:47
Size (mb): 76
Label: BMG
Year: 1992

1. Answer Back
2. Crackdown
3. F.T.R.T.V. [II]
4. Go Wild
5. 0898
6. It's All Right
7. Shelter
8. Army 2 Joyriders 0
9. Word Is Out
10. Why?
11. What's Goin' On
12. Solid State Logic
13. Things Are Getting Better (Sic)

I'm not in the habit of posting [...]

The Dicemen - Sitting On The Tarmac LP

Artist: The Dicemen
Title: Sitting On The Tarmac
Source: Vinyl 12" LP
Format: FLAC
Running time (h:m:s): 00:31:38
Size (mb): 64.9
Label: Peasants Revolt
Year: Early 90's (anyone know the exact year?)

With spring slipping inexorably into summer, and long hot days wandering lazily towards warm balmy nights (yeah, right), I can sense the fields beckoning me to them for a right royal [...]

Archbishop Kebab - Yinferrnodgie LP

Artist: Archbishop Kebab
Title: Yinferranodgie
Source: Vinyl 12" LP
Format: FLAC
Running time (h:m:s): 00:37:23
Size (mb): 73
Label: Seldom Fed Records
Year: 1989

Hailing from Edinburgh in Jockland, Archbishop Kebab were a very strange brew indeed. Their particular melting pot combined a confrontational anarcho-punk perspective with a sound that's half The Ex, half Gogol Bordello and half crusty new-age traveller skank. Beyond [...]