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Rebel Yell

It’s nice to know that my efforts here have a positive knock-on effect elsewhere – just check out this email I received yesterday:

Hey, Randy from Insurgence Records here, hope this finds you doing well. Just wanted to say ‘Thanks!’ for the kind words you’ve written about Insurgence on the blog. It’s very much appreciated…honestly, blurbs like yours about, for example, the Fighting Chance package, make it all worth while 🙂 A pat on the back once in a while goes a long way!

I’ve also started up a new label with a buddy of mine – Rebel Time Records.

It’ll focus more on ‘political punk’. I’m still helping out with Insurgence too.

And, thanks too for linking to the ‘We Want Rebel Music’ blog [see sidebar – OP]…I started that one up, and I do get a diaperload of hits from your blog!

Cheers and thanks


Respect should be given where it’s due, and I’ve got the utmost for Randy and his efforts. And if Rebel Time Records is only half as good as Insurgence then it’ll be getting my attention and hard-earned wage-slave remuneration from the off.

Blimey, it’s a veritable love-fest going on in here.

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