Help The Aged Punx!

Profane Existence are drastically scaling back operations, and are having a major distro blow-out to clear the space Dan needs for his family. Not everything’s been discounted (yet), but the price reductions so far have been huge – up to 90% in some cases and at least 50% for most of the others. Dan’s refocusing his available time, energy and money on the mag right now (and a good thing too IMHO), although he hasn’t ruled out the occasional future release if the situation’s right for it.

So support a man who’s supported us above and beyond the call of duty over many years, and pick up a total bargain in the process.

I’d also like to give a big thumbs-up to Nightgaunt Graphics for producing and sending me some mighty fine t-shirts. The quality of the printing on the Amebix ‘Risen’ design is particularly impressive. And they’re easy on the pocket too, with none of the designs costing more than $15.

Finally (and totally unrelated to selling anything), a few people seem to have had problems directly linking to this site and / or using the comments option. I think I’ve sorted out the problem now. If it’s still broken for any of you, use my email address and I’ll have another tinker under the bonnet.

That’s Another One Done & Dusted

2008 saw some great records arrive at Chez Old Punk. In fact, there wasn’t a bad one among ’em. Label and distro people, you deserve maximum respect for keeping the faith. Band people, the punk flame remains in very safe hands. Onwards, upwards, forwards!

Some very lovely punks ripped and shared some stunning noise from days of yore. You’ve made a grown punk cry (in a good manly way) on more than one occasion. I’ve tried to remember to say thanks whenever I’ve grabbed one of the jewels on offer, and I apologise to anyone I may have missed. May all your turntables continue to spin unhindered.

To the ranters and ravers, thanks for making me laugh and think in equal measure. Keep grinding the bastards down.

And to all the friends who’ve visited and commented, you’ve helped keep an old punk very happy.

Here’s to more of the same in 2009 – cheers!