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Help The Aged Punx!

Profane Existence are drastically scaling back operations, and are having a major distro blow-out to clear the space Dan needs for his family. Not everything’s been discounted (yet), but the price reductions so far have been huge – up to 90% in some cases and at least 50% for most of the others. Dan’s refocusing his available time, energy and money on the mag right now (and a good thing too IMHO), although he hasn’t ruled out the occasional future release if the situation’s right for it.

So support a man who’s supported us above and beyond the call of duty over many years, and pick up a total bargain in the process.

I’d also like to give a big thumbs-up to Nightgaunt Graphics for producing and sending me some mighty fine t-shirts. The quality of the printing on the Amebix ‘Risen’ design is particularly impressive. And they’re easy on the pocket too, with none of the designs costing more than $15.

Finally (and totally unrelated to selling anything), a few people seem to have had problems directly linking to this site and / or using the comments option. I think I’ve sorted out the problem now. If it’s still broken for any of you, use my email address and I’ll have another tinker under the bonnet.

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