World & US Punk Compilations

Seeing as this is my first post on the Old Punks site I thought I’d try and make it a good one. This is a ‘2 disc’ compilation of world and US punk bands and most of the tracks are from the early 80s. The bands on the ‘world’ disc are from various countries around the globe and are mainly anarcho-punk but there are some other styles as well. As you can probably guess the US disc contains the bands from the U.S. and Canada and is more from the hardcore side of things but again it’s not exclusively hardcore.

Each collection should fit onto a single CD if you want to burn yourself a copy and I’ve even included some covers 🙂

I hope you enjoy it and if you’ve got any comments then post them here.

World Punk Comp Track List:

01) Endless Blockades For The Pussy Footer [GISM]
02) Onward Christian Soldiers [Icons Of Filth]
03) Knife Edge [G.B.H]
04) Ataque [Kangrena]
05) Pay For Shit [Pandemonium]
06) Riot Style [Bored]
07) No Scapegoat [Varukers]
08) Conflict [Conflict]
09) Democracy [DIRT]
10) Sustain The Orgy [Concrete Sox]
11) Choice Of A New Generation [Brutal Truth]
12) Man (Reproduce) [Reality Control]
13) Manipulated Youth [Polemic Attack]
14) Complete Disorder [Disorder]
15) Mai Arrendersi [Wretched]
16) Discord In B Ward [Rudimentary Peni]
17) Some Of Us Scream [Flux Of Pink Indians]
18) The Man Goes On [Impact]
19) The Greatest American Zero [BGK]
20) Stench Of Death [Raw Noise]
21) Non Mi Dire [Negazione]
22) Drug Me [Sepultura]
23) Hallo There, How’s Life? [Antisect]
24) Wipe Out [Stupids]
25) Finale [The Execute]
26) Nazi Punks Fuck Off [Napalm Death]
27) Nuclear Attack [Mob 47]
28) Drugs Of Youth [Subhumans]
29) Fight Back [Discharge]
30) Belief [Heresy]
31) Death To Humanity [Riot/Clone]
32) You’ll Never Own Me [Chaos U.K]
33) Curfew [Amebix]
34) Greetings From Poland [Dezerter]
35) Sea Of Desecration [Legion Of Parasites]
36) Hoax [Malinheads]
37) Rival Tribal Revel Rebel [Crass]
38) The Big Hurt [Meatfly]
39) Systems Shit [Extreme Noise Terror]
40) Moment By Moment [Zenzile]

US Punk Comp Track List:

01) Modest Proposal [Youth Brigade]
02) Things To Do Today [Scream]
03) The Prisoner [DOA]
04) Dead Rock & Rollers [Detention]
05) Earth AD [Misfits]
06) Final War [Agnostic Front]
07) Ha Ha Ha [Flipper]
08) Battlefield [Iconoclast]
09) Jesus Youth [Th’Inbred]
10) She Knew She’d Lose [Out Of Order]
11) Well Paid Scientist [Dead Kennedys]
12) Beastie Boys [Beastie Boys]
13) Straight On [7 Seconds]
14) Gacy’s Place [Mentally Ill]
15) You Will Be Shot [Naked City]
16) Silence [Septic Death]
17) Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs [Minutemen]
18) Time Will Tell [Cause For Alarm]
19) Real World [Husker Du]
20) No Pity [Toxic Reasons]
21) Fabulous Day [False Prophets]
22) Straight Edge [Minor Threat]
23) Kick You [JFA]
24) Drop The A Bomb [ODFX]
25) Up Against A Wall [Articles Of Faith]
26) Police Story [Black Flag]
27) Jesus Entering From The Rear [Feederz]
28) Spiritual Law [DI]
29) Peace Of What [Trash]
30) Democracy Spawns Bad Taste [Crucifucks]
31) Face Down In The Dirt [Offenders]
32) Corporate Deathburger [MDC]
33) Fun Again [Half Japanese]
34) Paid Vacation [Circle Jerks]
35) Melons Rising [Meat Puppets]
36) Pay To Cum [Bad Brains]
37) The Ladder [Painkiller]
38) Break In [Fugazi]
39) Simple Minds [Dag Nasty]
40) Marriage [DRI]

All the tracks are 256kbps mp3 files.

Download World Punk comp pt. 1
Download World Punk comp pt.2

Download US Punk comp pt.1
Download US Punk comp pt.2

New Kid On The Block

I’m really pleased to announce that my request for new recruits has borne fruit, and a right plump n’ juicy piece he is too! So, without further ado, say hello to Ernest Embryo.

A few words about myself…

Well I’m another old punk though not quite as old as The Old Punk, born in ’68. Basically I’m a music lover, not just punk but something from pretty much every genre you could think of. I play bass, drums or guitar and I’ve also written tunes on my computer so I like to think I’m pretty broad minded when it comes to music.

I got into the first wave of punk probably because of my mum and my two older brothers. My mum was a massive fan of X-Ray Spex and Ian Dury and she took us to see bands like Richard Hell & The Voidoids, The Damned, Stiff Little Fingers and the like. I was only 10 or 11 at the time and seeing some of these bands was an experience I’ll never forget. As that first wave of bands started to die out I still found the punk DIY ethos exciting and as the next generation of bands started to emerge one of my brothers and I got more heavily involved in the ‘scene’. I definitely preferred the anarcho bands though that doesn’t mean I wasn’t happy jumping around to GBH though I would say that a lot of my morals and beliefs are because of listening to bands like Crass, Flux and Conflict.

As the years rolled on I got involved in the rave/free-party scene and I DJ’d with a fair few sound systems (Spiral Tribe, Asylum, Nysa). There was a two year period where some friends and I would set-up as many free parties as we could and we only stopped when they started to get too big for us to handle… and of course the obvious presence of lots of undercover police trying to buy drugs from us.

These days I’m still playing instruments but the band I was in had to split so I’m currently just jamming with friends until something more permanent comes along. I also have a music blog that runs on similar principles to this site. I tend not to post up new albums but if there’s a band that I think people should hear I will post a sampler of their stuff. It covers lots and lots of genres from hardcore punk to drum and bass DJ mixes, via 60s psychedelia and stoner rock so there should be something for everyone 🙂 Check it out at

The Choke – Tuff Kids Promo

First things first. This track was sent to me unsolicited by the band with a request for some feedback. Fair enough. I don’t know if I just happened to be tacked on to a list of every and any possible review opportunity as part of some marketing campaign, or whether someone involved with the band actually saw my blog and decided to hit me up. But if it’s the latter then all I can say is that they must’ve seen the word ‘punk’ in the title and not bothered reading any further. Because, if they had, it should’ve been obvious to them that my definition of punk and theirs are worlds apart.

This is basic mid-paced art-school rock n’ roll that maybe would’ve caught my interest for 5 minutes back in ’77. In 2010, it’s simply boring. There really aren’t any redeeming features here, unless you actually like your music safe, bland and generic. Throw in the designer image, fancy photoshoots and meaningless lyrics and it all adds up to everything I despise about the record biz trying to cash in on my culture. Quite frankly, I’d rather stick red hot pokers in my ears than subject them to anything more by this band.

If you want to be a rock band, get famous and make money from your music at least be honest about it. Tacking the punk tag onto your marketing strategy to make yourselves seem edgy and rebellious is a fucking insult to those of us who still believe that punk is so much more than just a career choice option.

OP’s opinion: X

If you really want to check it out for yourselves, you can have a listen here.

Kismet H.C. – S/T 10″

Kismet H.C. vinylIf you wanted conclusive proof that old punks don’t need to learn new tricks to still sound relevant and fresh, this record is it. Kismet H.C. have been shredding instruments and eardrums since the dark ages of the late 1980’s, with gaps of varying lengths along the way while members did other things like making babies. After their most recent tea-break they’re back with more passion than ever.

This collaborative DIY 10″ was due out to mark their 15th year of anger, although in true punk style it decided to stay in bed a bit longer. No worries, the wait was more than worth it. For £4 plus a bit of postage, you get a lovely rhubarb n’ custard-coloured record containing 8 tracks of no-nonsense hardcore. In fact, this album stands out for me as the best thing they’ve ever commited to a physical product. Age and access to decent recording facilities have allowed them to really capture their energy as never before. Everything’s at breakneck pace while remaining crystal clear and tight as fuck. Zanne’s voice stands strong without overpowering the mix, leading the rest of the band in a merry dance of thrashing madness with her energy and intensity. The instruments have almost inhuman demands put upon them as the boys pluck and pummel them to within an inch of their lives, and the resulting beat-perfect drums and hyperspeed riffs show a mean level of skill and competence.

The politics remain passionate and direct without getting trapped in the old clichés of yesteryear. Macho dancing, TV culture, domestic abuse, privilege and the struggle for freedom are all taken on and dissected with a passion and efficiency that reminds you that all is still not well in this world. It’s obvious that Kismet HC have not taken their collective eyes off the ball over the years and are still just as fucking angry as they and we have every right to be.

OP’s opinion: Four

Download sample track – Fuck Off Macho Bastards
Kismet H.C.’s Myspace

Collectivise The Interwebs!

OPND is recruiting now!

I could do with more old punks (or even some younger ones with a bit of suss) joining up with the OPND Soviet – it seems a shame that my postings here are so intermittent when there’s all this space available.

You don’t have to rip anything (although I’m certainly not going to object, as long as you follow my own guidelines) – reviews, articles, opinion pieces, recipes, artwork etc. that fit in with the general ethos of OPND are very welcome indeed. How often you feel like contributing is entirely up to you, and you’re free to leave / take a break at any time if other priorities come up.

You don’t even need to worry about being tech savvy – if you can use email, that’s all the know-how you need (although I can guide you through using WordPress, the software I use to run the site, if that’s preferable).

Get in touch if you fancy giving it a go.

UPDATE: Ernest Embryo and Alex Distroy have now signed up, but there’s still room for plenty more!

Bolt Thrower – In Battle There Is No Law LP

Artist: Bolt Thrower
Title: In Battle There Is No Law
Source: Vinyl 12″ LP
Format: FLAC
Running time (h:m:s): 00:26:32
Size (mb): 193
Label: Vinyl Solution (defunct)
Year: 1988

01. In Battle There Is No Law
02. Challenge for Power
03. Forgotten Existence
04. Denial of Destiny
05. Concession of Pain
06. Attack in the Aftermath
07. Psychological Warfare
08. Nuclear Annihilation

It had been a long time since I last heard this album, but I was inspired to dig it out after listening to Sanctum’s ‘On The Horizon’ LP and hearing something that struck a familiar chord. After a good clean, I threw it on the deck and sat back. What a difference many years (and some seriously upgraded hi-fi kit) makes.

Although I loved this album at the time, being a poor punk with a barely-functioning music system meant I didn’t necessarily hear it at its best. Now that’s been remedied, it’s almost like I’ve bought a new record, albeit one that doesn’t see the light of day much any more. At at time when punks were playing with the more extreme end of the metal scale, Bolt Thrower took the bull by the horns and produced this rumbling behemoth of a crusty grind record. The bass and drums thud like sledgehammers in the solar plexus, the guitars create the sort of noise you’d expect if you gave Slayer a gallon of scrumpy before letting ’em rip, while the vox growl with a menace rarely heard outside of an active earthquake zone.

BT went on to become doomy metal parodies of themselves, falling ever deeper into a world of Dungeons & Dragons-based nonsense and conforming to pretty much all of the stereotypes you’d expect from the pale-faced death-obsessed nerds who inhabit such realms. That doesn’t detract from the fact that this is an almost faultless piece of genre-defining grind.

OP’s opinion: Four half

Click here to request the download link.

If you are the copyright owner and want us to take down your music, just click here and let us know. We’re really not trying to piss anyone off, we just want to share rare and out-of-print music with people who want to hear it.

Flipping To FLAC

I’ve been mulling over this for a while now, but I’ve decided to take the plunge and start encoding my rips as FLACs rather than MP3s. It’s the best way of ensuring as flawless a copy as possible of the original source (within the restrictions of the kit I use). With a FLAC file you’re getting the full package, without the audio compression you get from MP3s. FLAC files can be converted back to WAV files (for burning CDs) to give you a perfect copy of the original audio. What’s more, you can compress FLACs to MP3s if you want smaller files for your pocket player, just as you would a normal CD.

The big drawback with FLAC files is their size – although they’re about 30% smaller than WAV files, they’re also around 4 times as big as MP3s. It’s worth the ‘trade-off’ when you play the music back on anything half-decent.

And not all audio players can handle FLAC files. Audacious and similar will do the job on Linux, while Foobar2000 is perfect for Windows users (and much better than pretty much any other audio player for that OS).

If you can’t work it out, let me know and I’ll see what I can do to help.