Expendable Youth – The Exposing Of The Immortal Person LP

I love it when I take a bit of a punt and end up with another slice of perfectly turned out coloured vinyl (black-splattered beer) and accompanying noise (blood-splattered ears). Such is the case with EY’s ‘The Exposing Of The Immortal Person’ LP, put out (at least in part) by the eternally-friendly Alex of Distro-y […]

V.A. – Grindcore Collection

Artist: Various Artists Album: Grindcore Collection Mixed: Ernest Embryo Date: November 2010 Genre: Grindcore/Crust Codec: LAME 3.92 (mp3) Bit rate: Nothing less than 192kbps

Track Listing 01. Dead Battery – Agoraphobic Nosebleed 02. Rot – Hatred Surge 03. Time To Act – Nasum 04. Timelord Zero (Chronovore) – Agoraphobic Nosebleed 05. Yawning God – Cretin […]

CRASS – Stations Of The Crass CD (Remastered)

The same general observations I made about the previous remastered CD release apply equally here too, with one exception. This time round, the bonus tracks are fucking amazing!

They were recorded live in BBC studios for one of the world-renowned Peel Sessions in March 1979, where sadly-missed DJ and nation’s favourite uncle John Peel would […]

CRASS – The Feeding Of The Five Thousand CD (Remastered)

CRASS. The point where it really all began as far as I’m concerned. The band that gave punk the direction it needed to go if it was to really mean anything, and who called it a day when they felt they’d said everything they could as a collective unit. And, although they’ve been almost completely […]

Sonic Boom Six – Rude Awakening CD/LP

For anyone not yet familiar with this bunch of cheeky Mancs, you could do worse than pick up either (or both) of these juicy releases. Hand-picked by the band, the tracks on show represent the finest fruits of the skapunkdubfunkmetaljungle tree. Tunes have been collected from their earliest works to their most recent offerings, with […]