No-Fail Nut Roast

I’ve been using this recipe, with various twists, for more than twenty years, and it’s never let me down. I don’t claim any credit for its creation. That goes to Amanda Sweet, author of the long-out-of-print Vegan Health Plan. If you can find this book second-hand, grab it. I’d rate it as one of the […]

Detached – None The Wiser CDEP

Detached play some competent and energetic third-wave style ska, with fast guitar chops, strident beats to move the feet, frenetic basslines and a full complement of brass laying down some smooth rhythms. I’ve got to say that I find the main voice slightly annoying – I really don’t like the faux American twang that seems […]

Jakal For Jack All

While you may not yet heard of ’em, Jakal have been knocking out bouncy political skadubpunk tunes for quite a few years now. You’ll regularly find them in a pub or squat playing a benefit gig for not much more than a bowl of food and a beer. And they’re really friendly too, seemingly happy […]

Mobs v. Mobiles

Under the slogan ‘If They Won’t Chase Them, We Will’, UK Uncut has called a day of action this Saturday to target Vodaphone and Philip Green (owner of British Home Stores, TopShop etc.). Just between these two, they have cheated the nation out of billions of pounds through blatant tax evasion and cronyism.

UK Uncut […]

Connecting The Dots

Here’s a little bit of shameless self-promotion that fulfils both my need to do something during long nights of insomnia and my belief in mutual solidarity and support. Punks of the virtual world, I give you the Anarcho-Punk Pages.

It’s really not much to look at and, for a code hacker rather than a coder, […]

Nuts To The Cuts!

Click for larger printable version

It’s simple. The ongoing and proposed cuts in public services, including education, are nothing but class war. The Tories want everything in private hands, so that they and their capitalist string-pullers can bleed as much as they possibly can from us. The LibDems are happy to collaborate with their […]

Rodent Popsicle Records Year End Clearance Sale!

I’m posting this on behalf of Bill, the bloke behind the excellent Rodent Popsicle Records. He’s a top fella and you could do far worse than take full advantage of this generous offer. Take the ‘mindless’ out of ‘mindless consumerism’ and get your hands on some of the absolute bargains to be had from him […]

Happy Tweeting Tweeting, Happy Tweet

Now here’s something I didn’t expect – Captain Sensible has just tweeted about this collection of random nonsense and given us the highest praise:

This is what the webs all about…. DIY punk, vegan recipes, politics, and even a Pogo Pope Compilation

Blimey! I met the Captain back in the mid ’80s, when he […]