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Happy Tweeting Tweeting, Happy Tweet

Now here’s something I didn’t expect – Captain Sensible has just tweeted about this collection of random nonsense and given us the highest praise:

This is what the webs all about…. DIY punk, vegan recipes, politics, and even a Pogo Pope Compilation

Blimey! I met the Captain back in the mid ’80s, when he took part in an anti-vivisection demo I’d helped to organise in Southampton. He was a genuinely nice bloke, totally up for supporting what we were doing. And his connection with the CRASS punks is pretty well documented too.

To anyone who’s followed his tweet and landed up here, I hope you like what you find. If you don’t, that’s fine too. The back button is your friend.

Cheers Cap’n, thanks for the kind words. Here’s to growing old disgracefully!

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