Anti-Fascist Oi! (‘n’ Ska ‘n’ Punk ‘n’ Dub ‘n’ Rockabilly…)

Antifa gig in Leeds

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Here’s plenty of advanced warning to all punks, skins and herberts to get saving and make a date in their Filofaxes for an upcoming anti-fascist fundraiser featuring Cardiff legends The Oppressed and a load of their mates. The gig will be an absolute stormer, trust me. Roddy and the boys have lost none of their edge over the years and, like a fine wine, have just got better with age. So polish your boots, iron your sharpest togs and get along for a proper ol’ moonstomping session.

Old Distro Closed, New One Open!

Iron Column Records logoSome of you may have noticed that I had a small distro hidden within these pages. Many of you probably didn’t. So, in an effort to make things more visible (and make it easier to spread the word), I’ve removed the page here and given it a makeover and domain all of its own. So please go and check out


Not only is it a distro for fine anti-fascist music and merch, within the next month or so I’ll also be co-releasing the debut album from radical ska-punkers Spanner (on limited edition coloured wax, obviously) under the ‘Iron Column Records’ label. Exciting!

It’s being run as a non-profit project, with 100% of all proceeds going to anti-fascists in need. Feel free to spread the word far and wide, and maybe even spend a little bit of your hard-earned dosh on the gems contained therein.

The Freebooters – Ordinary Level Oi! CD

Freebooters coverThe Freebooters play no-nonsense ska-tinged streetpunk with a big fucking smile on its face! This is one infectious album, full of life and energy. It’s clear to hear that these Irish girls and boys have a burning desire to stand up and shout ‘Shut the fuck up! Listen! Dance! Change the fuckin’ world!’, a task they take on and complete with admirable ease.

While they’re not afraid to take a political stance, they manage to do it with a healthy dose of humour, particularly when it comes to their no-nonsense anti-fascist position. Just check out the chorus to ‘Paddy Hitler’ –

Paddy Hitler was a man who just couldn’t understand
Why things never came together in his master plan
Was his head too fat? Or his brain too small?
Either way he knows fuck all

or the amusingly titled ‘Stormfront In A Teacup’ that mercilessly rips the piss out of pasty-faced cyber-nazis. Putting their money where their mouths are, the band and label are also allowing antifa groups to buy a bundle of the CDs at a heavily discounted wholesale price and will throw in a load free aswell so that anti-nazis can raise some much needed cash (get in touch with Distro-y Records for the lowdown).

Other tunes deal with army recruiters targeting the unemployed, bar room pool-playing alkies, cops, priests, all-night partying and an ode to the fans of the finest anti-fascist football team on the planet, FC St Pauli.

Musically, it’s all as solid as a pint of Guinness – snappy basslines, brickwall beats, guitars that’ll get your Granny spinning and reeling on the dancefloor, and rousing choruses just begging for you to sing along with ’em. With the punk knowledge on display here it’s no surprise to learn that members have been part and parcel of the scene for a long time, having been involved with such luminary acts as The Dagda, Pink Turds In Space, Nappyrash, Toxic Waste, The Poke and Bleeding Rectum.

This is a bit of a departure for Distro-y, probably better known for putting out D-beat and crust flavoured outfits, and I take my hat of to Alex for spreading his punk rock wings in this direction. Diversity is one of the things that makes our culture so great, especially when it’s as sterling as this.

For people who also like: The Restarts, Stage Bottles, Runnin’ Riot

OP’s opinion: Five

Download sample track – St. Pauli (FLAC)
The Freebooters Myspace
Buy from Iron Column Records for £5 plus p&p (all proceeds to my local antifa friends), or Distro-y for €5 plus p&p

Blaggers I.T.A . – Guns Of Brixton EP

Guns Of Brixton sleeveArtist: Blaggers I.T.A.
Title: Guns Of Brixton
Source: Vinyl 1-sided 7″ EP
Bitrate: FLAC
Running time (h:m:s): 00:03:13
Size (mb): 22.1
Label: Disinformation
Cat. No: BITA2
Year: 1992

As an extra bonus for the Blaggers lovers, here’s the one-sided EP with their dubby bass-heavy version of The Clash’s ‘Guns Of Brixton’. As with most things Clash-inspired, I have a soft spot for this clever reworking. It was released on the label their manager set up after they were made persona non grata in the music biz world and dropped by EMI, mostly for Matty Blag’s altercation with a poncy journo from Melody Maker who was fucking stupid enough to accuse him of still being a fascist.

OP’s opinion: Four

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Ramraiders I.T.A. – Wildside EP

Artist: Ramraiders I.T.A.
Title: Wildside
Source: Vinyl 7″ EP
Bitrate: FLAC
Running time (h:m:s): 00:07:11
Size (mb): 49.3
Label: Fluffy Bunny Records
Cat. No:
Year: 1992

Ramraiders A

Here’s another little vinyl rarity that’s long had a loving home at Old Punk Towers. This EP, recorded by the Blaggers, was a bootleg put out by their previous label under the Ramraiders name (presumably as some kind of protest) when they signed to EMI, and it features two tracks they laid down as a demo for the big boys. It’s pretty ballsy to include a track honouring the 10 dead IRA hunger strikers when you’re pitching to a major, but typical Blaggers style – this is us, deal with it. I’m glad these tracks saw the light of day in this form – the slightly rough ‘n’ ready sound and mix make these strong tracks that stand out in their own right among the more polished studio stuff.

I’ve already raved about how crucial I think the Blaggers were and still are – that sounds-from-the-streets mix of punk and dance coupled with a pitbull attitude that’ll see you through the tough times as well as the good. Expect nothing less from this cut too.

Ramraiders AA

OP’s opinion: Four half

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If you are the copyright owner and want us to take down your music, just click here and let us know. We’re really not trying to piss anyone off, we just want to share rare and out-of-print music with people who want to hear it.