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Old Distro Closed, New One Open!

Iron Column Records logoSome of you may have noticed that I had a small distro hidden within these pages. Many of you probably didn’t. So, in an effort to make things more visible (and make it easier to spread the word), I’ve removed the page here and given it a makeover and domain all of its own. So please go and check out


Not only is it a distro for fine anti-fascist music and merch, within the next month or so I’ll also be co-releasing the debut album from radical ska-punkers Spanner (on limited edition coloured wax, obviously) under the ‘Iron Column Records’ label. Exciting!

It’s being run as a non-profit project, with 100% of all proceeds going to anti-fascists in need. Feel free to spread the word far and wide, and maybe even spend a little bit of your hard-earned dosh on the gems contained therein.

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