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Subhumans, Bristol 02.08.12

I spent a very pleasant few hours in the company of around 100 other folk and three cracking bands a few weeks ago. As well as the ageless Subhumans, support came from local loudmouthed ska-punkers Spanner and the superbly shouty Grand Collapse (my first chance to see 'em in action - very impressed by their [...]

Culture Shock - Go Wild / All The Time CD

Artist: Culture Shock
Title: Go Wild + All The Time!
Source: CD LP
Bitrate: FLAC
Running time (h:m:s): 00:54:49
Size (mb): 94.5
Label: Bluurg Records
Year: Original vinyl - 1986 / 1989, CD comp - 1995

Go Wild:
1. Punks on Postcards
2. Go Wild (My Son)
3. Messed Up
4. Six Foot Rooms
5. Ten Per Cent Off
6. Circles
7. Mother's on the Phone
8. All (Messed up) Together

All [...]

Free Noise #16

Artist: Culture Shock
Title: Onwards And Upwards
Source: Vinyl 12" LP
Bitrate: V0 VBR
Running time (h:m:s): 00:45:38
Size (mb): 83.6
Label: Bluurg Records
Year: 1988
Notes: Some minor background noise in places

1. Pressure
2. Colour T.V.
3. Fast Foward
4. You Are Not Alone
5. Joyless
6. If You Don't Like It
7. Civilization Street
8. United
9. Catching Flies
10. When the Fighting's Over
11. Open Mind Surgery
12. Don't Worry About [...]

Free Noise #13

Artist: Subhumans
Title: Football Bootleg
Source: CD LP
Bitrate: V0 VBR
Running time (h:m:s): 01:12:48
Size (mb): 123.6
Label: None
Year: 2001
Notes: Split into 2 folders for upload but can be burned as .wav files on one CD if needed. Best listened / burnt to CD without gaps.

Folder 1:
1. Intro
2. All Gone Dead
3. So Much Money
4. Can't Hear The Words
5. Work Experience
6. [...]

(Sub)human Evolution

Subhumans - Internal Riot
Bluurg Records

More than twenty years on from their last studio release, the boys from Wessex have at last managed to drag their arses from the primordial punk slime to give us what we've all been waiting for. This record is, without doubt, their finest release to date. It's like they've dissected everything [...]