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Antidoto – Romper España LP

Antidoto Romper Espana coverAntidoto
Madrid, Spain

Slightly fuzzed-out choppy hardcore with a classic European feel (i.e. more punchy than American stuff). There are also a lot of nice little hooks and licks that keep your attention. Nothing is much more than two minutes long, most songs are under, and they cram a lot in. Lyrics are more personal than in-yer-face political, but the […]

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Dumange – Entre Ratas LP

Dumange Entre RatasDumange
Asturias, Spain

Sweet fucking Jeebus! This has to be one of the most enjoyably intense things that I’ve subjected my ears and brain to in a long time!

On their debut release, ‘Entre Ratas’ (Among Rats), Dumange dish out a single serving of exquisite dark metal crust that doesn’t let up from the opening scream of anguish to the last breath […]

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Austerity – Anarcho Punk Dance Party LP

Austerity - Anarcho Punk Dance Party CD coverAusterity
Brighton, UK

It appears that this band have been around for a while but this is the first I’ve heard of them (unusual for me for a band from Brighton). Still, this is a nice intro to what they’re about.

The band place themselves at least in part in the post-punk box. Yeah, I can […]

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Kontakta – Life In A Cage EP

Kontakta - Life In A Cage coverKontakta
Southampton, UK

Kontakta’s third release follows very much in the mould of their first two. It’s frantic traditional anarcho-punk with the obligatory angry voice shouting across the top of it. Lyrics are a bit tired and don’t really say anything new (in fact, the song about the animal testing of cosmetics is about 20 years behind […]

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Löckheed – 4 Track Demo

Löckheed – 4 Track Demo coverLöckheed
Santa Rosa, California, USA

Now this is the right way to introduce yourself to the world of online noise. Löckheed take a solid D-beat sound, throw in a bit of crusty crasherness for good measure, and churn out something chunkier that a jumper knitted by your nan. And, like a good nan jumper, it’s both comfortable and a bit […]

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Leek & White Bean Soup

Leek and white bean soup

This is pretty much a slightly jazzed up leek and spud soup, the jazzing up coming from adding some white beans (butterbeans in this case but cannellini would be good too) and apples (liquid and solid). Quick, cheap, cidery. Everything a punk soup should be.

Serves 3-4.

  • 2 tbs vegan marg or oil
  • 1 leek (approx. 250g), trimmed, halved, and […]

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Bombardement – Bombardement LP

Bombardement coverBombardement
Bordeaux, France

This isn’t just D-beat, this is ‘Hear Nothing…’-era Discharge worship with bells on. Switch out Cal for their vocalist, close your eyes, and you could easily be back in Stoke in 1982. Thankfully, you can listen to this and not have to go to Stoke or back to 1982.

If you’re going to do the D-beat thing, this is […]

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45 Minutes Of Revolution #2

45 Minutes Of Revolution #2 cover01 – Rumours Of War – Declaration Of War (d) – From the ‘Sloganeering’ EP (‘pay what you want’ download from his Bandcamp page).

02 – Abrazos – We Pretend To Work Because They Pretend To Pay Us (d) – From the ‘Belligerent And Numerous’ EP (‘pay what you want’ download from their Bandcamp page).

03 – Scum Of […]

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Hallo There… How’s Life?

45 Minutes Of Revolution logoAfter taking a little (ahem) time out to get on with other things, I’m back with a fresh attitude.

First things first, I’ll no longer be uploading complete rips of my music collection and all of the old download posts have been deleted. There are various reasons, but it mostly comes down to time and commitment. Sorry about that.

On the other hand, I plan on making this blog more like a proper zine. I’ll continue […]

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DIY Tofu Press

I take no credit for having ‘invented’ this, but it’s so simple to do that it would be daft not to share. The acrylic sheets cost £3.50 from eBay (including the postage) and the bolts and wingnuts about the same from a local shop. It took a couple of minutes to put together and will save endless amounts of future faffing about with hand-squeezing, improvised weights and kitchen roll. Well worth the ‘effort’.


2 x 6mm acrylic sheet, around A5 size (210x148mm)
4 x 8x100mm bolts with matching […]

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