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A Touch Of Class

Class War Music – US micro-label with impeccable attitude

I recently came across American streetpunks Bonecrusher and liked what I heard on their MySpace page a lot. So I had a quick look around the web to see who was selling their material. I found a UK distro with some older releases, and a couple of German distros were offering new stuff, and it would’ve cost me around £10-12 a disc to buy from any of them. But I decided to check out Class War Music, the label that’s released their most recent CD’s. And I’m really glad I did.
Class War Music logo & Bonecrusher CD cover
It turns out CWM is run by the band (or at least one of ’em), and they’re offering their own releases for only $5 each including postage in mainland America. With the current exchange rate, that’s only just over £2.50 a disc! I decided to order ‘Tomorrow Is Too Late’, but there was no info on international postage. So I added an extra $5 to the order and sent a quick email to ’em offering to pay any more if needed.

Within a couple of hours, George (from Bonecrusher) dropped me a line back thanking me for the order and offering to include the ‘Sixteen Bullets’ live CD for free! This CD is selling for $5 too so basically I’m getting two CD’s at US prices with free airmail. Now how’s that for service?

When punk can sometimes appear to be just another commercial opportunity, it’s heartwarming to come across people who really are doing it for the kids (no matter how old those kids might be). Respect due to Class War Music and Bonecrusher (especially George) for being such a lovely label and band to deal with.

OP’s opinion: Five

Download sample track – ‘Bonecrusher – Tomorrow Is Too Late’

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