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Span The World With Friendship

I’ve just received a mailout asking me to promote a benefit CD, something I’m more than happy to do. It has been released to raise vital funds for a young man in Russia who was the victim of a brutal racist attack. Alem Assefa suffered serious brain injury after being beaten by boneheads for being black.

The good news is he is making a slow recovery. But the nature of his injuries mean that he is in need of expensive medical treatment, to ensure that he has the best chance of making as full a recovery as possible. Alem and his family are not rich by any means. But they have friends, good friends, who don’t stand idly by when their mates are in need.

To this end, they have released the ‘Planet Of Friends‘ compilation CD. Featuring 43 songs by 27 bands, this is a work of global unity and solidarity and a big ‘FUCK YOU’ to fascist scum. The CD is only $11 post paid in the US ($13 world). I’ve ordered my copy today. Please take a moment and try and do the same. Even if you can’t afford $13, you can throw a couple of quid in the virtual bucket.

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