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A Bit Of Housekeeping

Over the next few days (or, more likely, months), I intend to take front and back photos of the covers of all of my albums and singles uploaded here. I’m also going to take one of the label, whichever side is more interesting. Then I’m going to edit and resize the cover pics so that they’ll fit in a standard CD case, and the label so it will fit on a CD label. Then I’ll zip and upload them somewhere convenient. Which means that you’ll soon be able to download them and print them off for use if you decide to burn any of the music to CD and want a fancy cover.

What a wonderfully selfless thing to do / I’ve got far too much time on my hands (delete as you see fit).

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  • Yeah!

    Moshpit Tragedy does sort of the same thing for the EPs they put up for free downloading… sleeve art and everything. By the way, pertaining to your comment on the RP post in my blog…that’s cool! You should definitely post that letter on your blog sometime… I have a friend who had a couple of letters from Poison Girls and Crass. At least there’s a couple of artists out there who still write back…Rob (from BURNT CROSS), Nick, Mike, and Ernie (From Parity), and Jessie Williams being the most fun to talk to. Unlike most of my youthful friends…I still actuallly write letters every now and then.

    …Love getting free demos in the mail too… haha

    Not too many people do that anymore either. I guess blogging and downloading’s more convenient…but a little bit of tangible hardware is nice every now and then.

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