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And For My Next Trick…

Ghost Buffalo 'The Magician' sleeveAnother one of my favourite micro-labels, Suburban Home, is offering their latest release, Ghost Buffalo’s ‘The Magician’, as a free download to the first 200 people to click the link in the post. They’re keen for people to hear it, hopefully like it, spread the word, and maybe buy a copy and encourage others to do so too.

Suburban Home are a quirky little outfit with close personal ties to ‘their’ artists, and obviously have a deep love for what they’re doing. The packaging and presentation of their releases is exemplary, and makes the whole thing much more sensually appealing. OK, you’ve sussed me, I’m a dirty vinyl perv. But when it’s this classy, who wouldn’t be?

I like it, very much. It’s not punk (at least, not in the traditional sense of the word), but it has a quality to it that hooked me from the first note to the last. The music takes its inspiration from wherever it’s needed, creeping along a dark trip-hop path one moment before ripping it all up and pulverising it to gravel with a dirty slab of guitar noise the next. And the whole thing is held together by a voice that almost seems to float around you and wrap you up in the middle of it all. So I’m spreading the word and suggesting that you at least give ’em (and some of their label-mates) a spin.

OP’s opinion: Three half

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