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Question Time

I’ve got the chance to ask some questions of the original drummer of Anarcrust. I’m more than happy to ask stuff on your behalf, so if there’s anything in particular that you want to know then let me know.

2 comments to Question Time

  • Damn, how come I never saw this post?… Are you still in touch with him? Because if you are, I’m dying to have a more-or-less extensive bio of the band plus information on another dutch band we featured at 7″crust, Eitilop Pots (their paths must have crossed at some point, they were around in the same period of time). Also, they might want to share their line-up info & changes with us, so that we can pass it to the Women In Heavy Music site finally…

  • I’ve just sent him a list of questions which should answer all of yours 🙂

    Did you notice that the guitarist, Ed, has also just left a comment here?

    Two more and we’ve got the set 😀

    I’ll see if he’s OK about answering a few of the questions too.

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