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The Dead Shall Walk The Earth

Sometime in the new year, The Amebix will be playing in my living room. Not the real live people that make up the band, obviously, but the DVD that the band are releasing in collaboration with Belfast Records. There’s still just about enough time left to pre-order one. This has the potential to be one hell of a film if this short trailer is anything to go by. The band will also be touring in the new year, the first time in over 20 years by my reckoning. They’re doing the States in January and (hopefully) a UK and European leg in the spring. I’m not usually one for trips down memory lane (I’ve got some pretty mental memories), but I’ll make an exception in this case. When they pass through town, you’ll find me down the front with my head in the bass bin and a gallon of rough on my lips. There may even be a bag of glue involved. Come and join me.

4 comments to The Dead Shall Walk The Earth

  • Hey! Nice to see you back!
    Yeah, Amebix do the same thing to me too and I am jealous at everybody that will see them live ’cause I’m quite sure that they won’t pass by anywhere near me. I hope I’m wrong. Before them, I was often against reunions, but I’ve totally changed my mind now. It’s a wet dream come true. Hehe.

  • Hey, mate! Nice to see you are back!

  • Malisha, try dropping the band an email – you may just be able to persuade them to play somewhere within easy travelling distance.

    Hey Paul 🙂 hope you’re not too cold in your squat! I’ve had flu for the last week or so, and was too sick to go and see Hard Skin play on Sunday. And I’d been looking forwards to it for so long, it’s not fair!

    How are all of the Lithualiens? And when’s Za coming over? Has he built my church yet?

  • Yah, Hard Skin played London a week ago, but I didn’t see them also.
    Za landing on 3rd or 4th of February for 10 days. So hope we’ll come to see you.
    I met Spanner some weeks ago in a nice squat in Waterloo and had a great dancing, chatting and drinking with Richie and others.
    Be warm and don’t get cold again! Cheers!

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