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Prisoner Of War Benefit CD

Prisoner Of War coverJJ, the guitarist from Active Slaughter, is currently doing a 3-year stretch for his part in the campaign against Huntingdon Life Sciences. His friends in Trauma Unit have put together a benefit CD to get some cash together for him when he gets out. This is a ‘Pay What You Can’ release with 23 tracks from the likes of Extinction Of Mankind, Oi Polloi, Anthrax, Andy T, Doom (doing a Discharge cover) and loads of other noisemongers, with many of the tracks previously unreleased. It’s an absolute corker in every respect – the punk-as-fuck cover tells you everything you need to know about what’s gonna follow. It’s well worth at least a fiver, even if you have to raid your penny jar. You can find out more and order the CD here.

Please buy it if you can and help spread the word. Mutual solidarity ‘n’ all that…

OP’s opinion: Five

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