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The Mob, Bristol 08.04.11


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For the first time in nearly 30 years, one of the most intense bands from the first wave of @-punk took to the stage and blew 400 minds. The Mob are back. And this time round, they’ve got the kit to really do their sound justice. Mark even smiled! Sure, there were a couple of hiccups, and the guitar wasn’t always 100% in tune with itself or anything else (hey, it’s punk) but, married with the strength of the voice, the pounding rhythms and the intense basslines, the synergy produced from every element created one of the most awesome atmospheres I’ve ever experienced at a gig, punk or otherwise. I have no idea if they’re going to do any more gigs (rumours of a London show were heard) – if they do, get there by any means available.

Here are a few of the pics (click to enlarge) I was able to grab in between regressing to that 16-year-old optimistic human being that still lurks somewhere inside me.

Rubella Ballet
Rubella Ballet 1

Rubella Ballet 2

Zounds 1

Zounds 2

Zounds 3 - Mark Astronaut

The Mob
The Mob 1

The Mob 2

The Mob 3

The Mob 4

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