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Quickies #1

I don’t always have the time / brain capacity to write full-length reviews about everything I get my mitts on, but there are definitely things I want to tell you about. I figured a handful of brief notes every now and again would be a good compromise.

Appalachian Terror Unit – Black Sands 7″
Profane Existence

Showing no let up in their commitment to tackling the bigger picture, ATU’s latest offering rips into more of the usual suspects. Backed up by their battery of metallic anarcho-punk, Sarah’s vox pin your ears to your head and make sure the message hits square between the eyes. They realise the contradictions that capitalism creates in their (our) lives but don’t shun away from biting the hand that pretends to feed while it bleeds. The brooding black-with-a-hint-of-colour cover art sets the tone, and the fold-out image / lyric packed poster is always a welcome bonus. Nice random marbled vinyl too (mine is a kinda camo-diarrhea combo).

They had problems with the pressing plant over one of the tracks due to the use of samples, and an edited version appears on the EP. Helpful as ever, ATU have made the unedited version available for free online.

OP’s opinion: Four

Buy from Iron Column Records / Profane Existence


Cop Problem – s/t 7″ / download
Prejudice Me / War Torn Records

I’ve only just discovered this band after Prejudice Me gave me a heads-up. Glad they did too. For a very reasonable sum of money, you get 3 tracks of tight, intense and finely-controlled fury that slam as hard as a sledgehammer to the face. The lyrics are intelligent and meaningful, definitely a step above the common clichés often found elsewhere. The whole package is wrapped in a slick fold-out sleeve complete with beautifully disturbing colour artwork and lyrics.

When a great deal of what passes for hardcore amounts to nothing more than macho posturing and hanging out with the bros, bands like Cop Problem continue to prove that it can be so much more. Highly recommended.

OP’s opinion: Five

Buy 7″ from Iron Column Records / Prejudice Me / War Torn Records
Listen / buy download from Cop Problem’s Bandcamp page


Burnt Cross – Mankind’s Obituary LP
Tadpole Records / Active Rebellion / Lukket Avdeling Records / Rusty Knife Records

This is the new album from Brighton’s Burnt Cross. It’s a comp of their last 3 EPs, a track from a comp EP and some unreleased tracks. All in all you get 14 inspiring hits of @-punk fury, mostly original but with a couple of well-matched covers thrown in.

For those who don’t know ’em, BC are a pair of bruvs with a drum machine, a four-track and a shedload of attitude. Don’t be fooled by the simple technology – these boys produce music that holds its own against anything you’d find coming from a ‘pro’ studio. If you like your @-punk à la Conflict, then this is for you!

Only 300 have been pressed and they’re going quick. Grab one while you can.

OP’s opinion: Four half

Download sample track – Mob Violence (FLAC)
Buy from Iron Column Records (last copy left!)


Zounds – Singles & EPs 1980-1984 7″ Box Set
Broken Rekids

This lot should need no introduction to anyone who claims any kind of allegiance to anarcho-punk, and I’m mainly mentioning it to show off the fact that I’ve got my hands on this sweet package. Well, it made sense, given the fact that all of my originals are showing the passage of time and I had some spare cash.

From the spiky debut of ‘War’ to the jangly antipop on ‘True Love’, the tracks on these EPs capture the band from every angle. Lovingly remastered by Steve Lake and with all sleeves faithfully reproduced, this release does away with any kind of need to pay record collector prices for the full analogue experience. Not only that, it’s all kept safe in a specially-designed box complete with 6 badges in a blister pack (the 5 EP covers and a Zounds logo design) AND comes with a download card.

Time to put those originals on eBay, maybe…

OP’s opinion: Five

Download sample track – True Love (FLAC)
Buy from Broken Rekids

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  • Nice one. All of these sound good 🙂 Thanks.

    How ya been? Keeping well I hope (and looking forward to top level footie no doubt ;))

    Dunno if you’ve noticed but my blog has pretty much been shut down. I’ve been kicked off mediafire so all my links will be dead including the ones on here so do you want me to re-up them somewhere else?

    … just listened to the above & they’re all good (especially Cop Problem) so thanks again.

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