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All reviews are scored out of a total of five Anarchy symbol's. A score of three is given to something that is a typical example of its style with nothing too outstanding or bad about it.


A//Political – The Greatest Working Crass Rip-Off – Discography LP + Book

A//PoliticalI have never been so happy or excited about a record as when this one arrived at my door. A//Political are one of my favourite bands of all time so there will be no surprise that I will have nothing but great things to say about them. Anyway, after a long wait this record finally is out and it is one that sees one of the most active anarcho peace punk bands’ songs and writing compiled into a 60 page book […]

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Anthrax – Welcome/One Last Drop MCD

More than twenty years since their last recordings, Anthrax’s newest recordings are offered in the form of a mini CD named after the two songs featured, “Welcome” and “One Last Drop”. I have felt that Anthrax were one of the best anarcho bands who were offered up by the 80’s but I also think of them as one of the least appreciated bands of that era. In this recording they seem to have changed their sound to one of […]

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